Get Skin Care Tips For Your Big Wedding Day

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with your face a glow and the best skin of your life. There is no doubt that the wedding day is one of the most precious moments in one's life. And these special moments will be immortalized in the photos forever. So, obviously you want to look your best on your big day. Instead of looking for last-minute solutions a week before the wedding, your skin care regime should start six months before the d-day. Here, we will discuss some tips, so that you can say "I do" with your flawless, radiant skin.

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Get Skin Care Tips For Your Big Wedding Day
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Skin care tips for your big wedding day

Good cleansing program
Six months before your special day, start your skin care regime six months prior to your wedding date. This will ensure that your skin is clear, smooth and glowing for the big day. If you have dry or sensitive skin, make sure you use right products to tackle the problem. Your skin regime should include cleansing with an oil-free mild cleanser, toning with an alcohol-free toner and moisturizing with a gentle moisturizer. For an added boost, start to incorporate skin serums.

Using a mild exfoliant twice a day will ensure that new healthy cells are on the surface and makeup will go on silky smooth. Make sure you use an exfoliator that contains natural abrasive ingredients, such as rice grains, walnuts or oats.

Choose right products
The skin care products that you choose depend upon your skin type. Make sure you do not try any new cosmetic few days before your wedding day. Invest in good quality, natural products that are safe for your skin.

Detox your skin
Just as you need cleansing from outside to get a glowing skin, your skin and body also internal cleansing for a healthy, beautiful skin. Detox your body by taking vegetable and fruit juices. Your daily diet should comprise of two glasses of vegetable or fruit juices and five different varieties of vibrant colored fruits. Stop eyeing those sweets and festive goodies if you want flawless skin for your wedding.

Planning your wedding can be quite stressful. Trousseau tussles with ever-delaying tailors, running around to confirm your wedding venues, deciding on menu and wedding flowers- all this is enough to make anyone break in rashes and pimples. So, take a break from all this and try to de-stress your body. Indulge in some de-stressing techniques like yoga, deep relaxation, spas or meditation. Do yoga or meditation for at least 20 minutes a day.

Eight hours of good night sleep is the key to a healthy looking radiant skin. Make sure you take enough sleep before your d-day to avoid puffiness and dullness on your face.

Get some professional help
Depending upon your skin related issues (pigmented spots, blackheads etc), opt for smart, scientific options to get clear, flawless skin. Ask your dermatologist to start skin-peeling sessions or micro-dermaabrasion or laser resurfacing for your face. These methods not just clear the complexion, but also improve skin texture and smoothen out patchy pigmentary issues.

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