What You Need To Consider Before Choosing Colours For Your Home

The color that you use for wall, carpets, furniture or just any room has the power make or break the decor thus choosing the right sort of color is highly important. Bold colors are chosen to create accents or add character while soft colors are used to brighten up an area, make it spacious and play up the lighting. Here are a few things you must consider before selecting upon a color choice: 
What You Need To Consider Before Choosing Colours For Your Home
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Focal Points
Focal points are necessary to draw attention in a room they can be a large wall canvas picture that makes a statement, a gorgeous piece of rug or a stunning wall colour. If you already have a focal point such as a bold lamp or picture then make it stand out by giving the wall behind a light coat of colour. You can paint a room’s architectural features such as mouldings in a bold, contrasting colour to make them focal points or you could even add paint effects to a wall. Painting just one wall or a ceiling a bold colour can also really draw the eye. 
Creating Unity
Unity must be consistent through a room of if you live in a small house, then throughout the house and the best way to achieve this is by the use of colour. To unify rooms together one wall can be painted a colour such as orange, another room can have an orange rug while a third room can be decorated by cheap canvas prints on the wall! To create unity in a room different shade of the same colour can be used such as dark blue cushions for the couch while a blue and red printed curtain along with sky blue pictures on the wall etc. 

Altering Room Orientations
Believe it or not but colour can effectively be used to alter the way a room looks by creating an illusion. Light and dark shades of colours used appropriately and on the right walls can actually change how the way a room looks. If your ceiling is too high for example then apply a dark shade on it, if it is too low then colour it with a light shade. 

A narrow room can be made wider by darkening the short walls and lightening the darker ones white the opposite can be done to narrow a very wide room. Small rooms can also be made large by using light colors which will give a spacious and airy to the rooms while dark colors will only feel suffocating, of course colors can be used for decor but only in small amounts to add accents.  

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