Mouth Can Disclose Your Health Problems 7 Things To Look For

Your mouth has a direct connection with other parts of your body. You may see some warning signs about your health straight in your mouth. Your oral health and tongue may provide important clues about deficiencies and illness of other parts of your body. Apart from proper dental care, it is important to visit your dentist and regularly check for any warning signs that your mouth may disclose about your health.

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Here are 7 common things to look for :

* Bad breath- A sign of Stomach issues
If you maintain proper oral hygiene and follow right techniques while brushing and flossing, bad breath is never an issue. But if you are still having a bad breath even after proper care, there might be some stomach issues. Overgrowth of bacteria in your stomach may cause bad breath yet after good dental care. Eating less of complex carbohydrates may also lead to such conditions, as this may encourage the stomach to release foul smelling chemicals. People suffering from diabetes often have bad breath showing an imbalance in control of the disease. It may also show signs of liver and kidney problems.

Including complex carbohydrates in your diet may help relieve you from the problem. A mouth freshener may also help to reduce the odor (if it is caused due to eating onions or garlic). Consult your physician if the symptoms persist, as this could be because of diabetes, lung infections, kidney problems and liver problems.

* Headaches and sore jaw- A sign of Stress
If headache along with sore jaw and torn teeth has become a common problem, when you get up in the morning, it might be a sign of stress. Stress can make you grind teeth while sleeping, and if you are a solo sleeper, this may remain unnoticed until your dentist discovers it. Grinding teeth may result in excessive muscle pain including headache and also neck pain in some cases. The pain may increase to unbearable levels if the condition is left untreated.

To get rid of such pains and sores, it is best to get a customized mouth guard or night guards made by your dentist and wear it during night. It will protect your teeth from grinding and its bad consequences. It is the best solutions for such dental problems.

* Crumbling and cracking of teeth- A sign of GERD
Apart from grinding during sleep, your teeth may also show fractures along with crumbling caused due to a condition called Gastroesphogeal Reflux Disease (GERD). This happens when your stomach refluxes acid into the mouth repeatedly, which leads to wearing of teeth. The acid may cause erosion of the enamel, degrading the structure of your teeth.
See your dentist to find out if you have such problems. You may be directed to a gastroenterologist for further treatment and this may save you from damage to your teeth due to any acid reflux.

* Sores in mouth- A sign of oral cancer
Sores are common and you may see them once in a while in your mouth or if you have a tendency to bite the inside of your mouth. But if you have one that does not heal and causes pain, it may be a sign of oral cancer. Smokers are drinkers are at more risk to develop oral cancers, though some non smokers may also see cancer sores in mouth due to HPV virus.

If you have a sore that does not heal even after 2 weeks, consult your dentist for treatment.

* Gum disease & inflammation- A sign of Heart problems
Plaque buildup not only becomes a good place for bacteria to grow but also leads to gum diseases. If proper brushing is not done and the bacteria are not cleaned, it takes no effort for them to enter the blood stream and cause inflammation in other parts of your body. The bacteria even get an easy access to the heart, causing coronary problems. It also wears and weakens your immune system as the body is constantly working to remove it from your blood.

Cleaning your mouth regularly to get rid of any plaque may help you keep the bacteria away from your mouth. Visiting your dentist for a cleanup also helps in getting rid of such life threatening ailments. Also floss regularly to avoid any built up of bacteria.

* Canker sores- A sign of Gluten intolerance
Canker sores are often seen in people who are sensitive to gluten or have gluten intolerance. It may even lead to Celiac disease, if left untreated. Sores may also be possible sign of zinc deficiency in your body. It is thus important to find out the possible cause of sores in your mouth.

Ask your physician to prescribe you zinc supplements. If you still see no relief from that, you probably have gluten intolerance and need to cut back partially or completely on gluten. People who were successful in removing gluten from their diet were able to cure canker sores of their mouth in an effective way.

* Dry mouth- A sign of hypothyroidism, diabetes or Sjogren's syndrome

If you notice dry mouth, there could be a number of reasons behind it, you may be dehydrated or experiencing a side effect of medicines. Many medicines have dry mouth as its side effects. If you are a smoker, you are likely to observe dryness in your mouth. Apart from these, dry mouth could also be a symptom of hypothyroidism and diabetes. In some cases, the moisture producing glands may be attacked by the white blood cells of your body. This condition is called Sjogren's syndrome which may require medical attention. You may also feel dryness in eyes when affected with this disorder.

Drinking adequate water throughout the day may relive you to some extent. In absence of saliva, which provides protection to teeth and gums, cavities may form. Visit your dentist to find the underlying problem behind your dry mouth and treat it accordingly.

A good oral health is essential in keeping away most of the disorders at a bay. Regular visits to your dentist and proper dental care may save you from other problems too. A keen check on any changing signs in your mouth may help you in diagnosing and treating even life threatening health issues like coronary problems and celiac disease.

* Tooth Decay - A sign of Vitamin D deficiency
Deficiency of Vitamin D in your body may lead to tooth decay. Various studies have found that vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium in your body which is necessary for healthy teeth and bones. Decays and cavities are a sign that your body is deficient in vitamin D. Adding vitamin D in your body may reduce tooth loss to some extent.

Including vitamin D food sources in your diet along with exposure to sunlight may help you maintain good levels of it. Foods that contain this vitamin are fish, liver and egg yolks along with fortified milk, cereal and breads.

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