Keep Your Kids Happy During Their First Flight

Taking small children on their first plane ride can certainly be a challenge. If you want to take them to far-away destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios or the Grand Canyon, though, you may not have another option. Fortunately, children are extraordinarily adaptable and may even enjoy the experience. Here are a few tips for keeping them happy from the airport to the hotel.

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Arrive Early
Few things are as stressful as going through security at a snail's pace when you're already running late for your flight. This is especially true if you're traveling with children, who move a little more slowly than the rest of us. Your kids may sense that you're stressed out and become irritable themselves.
If you arrive at the airport early, you'll have a much less stressful security check and terminal check-in. You'll also give your kids the opportunity to check out the airport and watch the planes on the runway.

Bring Gum
Children's ears are more sensitive than ours, and can hurt quite a bit during the pressure changes at take-off and landing. To combat the pain, give your kids some sugar-free gum to chew. Jaw movement helps lessen the pressure in the ears and alleviate pain.

If you don't like to give your kids gum, give them something else to chew like fruit slices or dried cereal. Anything that keeps the jaw moving should help.

Pack Quiet Toys and Snacks
Busy kids are happy kids, so make sure to keep your children occupied during the flight. Pack snacks too, since hungry kids can become quite cranky.

When packing for the flight, be considerate of other passengers. Coloring books are great for traveling, but you may want to avoid a jack-in-the-box. If you bring electronic games, turn off the volume or give your kids some headphones. If you were traveling on business for your job at the 12 Palms addiction rehab center, you wouldn't want to hear a kids' game during the whole flight, would you?

Let Them Have the Window Seat
Most kids on their first airplane ride are fascinated by the view from the window. They love to see the world grow smaller during take-off, and enjoy watching the clouds and blue sky around them during the flight.

Consider a Red Eye (and Let Them Sleep)
Many kids can sleep under almost any condition. If you're worried about keeping your kids busy on a longer flight, you may want to consider taking a red eye. Chances are, they'll sleep through the night, and you won't have to worry about keeping them busy every minute of the journey. If you take this route, be sure to bring pajamas, blankets, and a favorite stuffed animal.

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