Four Tips For Staying Safe And Healthy Despite Extreme Summer Temperatures

Every single year, there are stories on the news about people dying in extreme summer weather. Usually, these types of deaths happened during a heat wave, but they can happen just as easily during the normal course of high summer temperatures.

Here are four steps that you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe despite the extreme heat that can happen during the summer.
Four Tips For Staying Safe And Healthy Despite Extreme Summer
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1 - First, stay out of the direct sunlight to the extent that you can. If, for whatever reason, you are required to spend time outside during high temperatures, tried to stay in the shade as much as you possibly can. Although, many times, it feels equally as hot in the shade as it does out in the brightness of the sun, the shade actually does provide a modicum of protection from the harsh rays of the sun and the inhospitable temperatures that it creates.
2 - Second, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is important to understand that only water will provide the hydration necessary to keep your body functioning optimally in high temperatures. Just because a drink is cold doesn't mean that it is helping to keep you hydrated. Steer clear of soda pop and other sugary drinks, as medical professionals agree that these can actually serve to dehydrate you rather
than hydrate you. In short, drinking a soda we need to stay hydrated actually leaves you worse off than if you would have drunk nothing at all. Play it safe and stick with water.

3 - Third, the elderly and infants are particularly vulnerable to the heat so take special care to protect them. The very young and very old are always the most susceptible to any kind of health emergency, and extreme temperatures definitely qualify. Make sure that you are particularly careful with the young or old people in your life -- make sure that they are in temperature controlled environments unless it is strictly necessary to take them out of doors during the worst of the heat of the day.

4 - Fourth, if you have the option to be in a climate-controlled environment, you should choose to do so. Even if you do not live in a home that has air conditioning, there are climate controlled places that you can go to for free. Your local mall is one good example, as our libraries. Any department store or other big chain store should also serve this purpose. For a nominal fee, you can also sit and relax inside cafes and enjoy a small bite to eat or a beverage while you stay out of the stifling heat of the day.

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