Buying Antiques When Travelling

Traveling the world is a great way to broaden your horizons, meet new people and experience new cultures, but did you also know it’s a fantastic way to find quality antiques? If you’re an avid collector of antique items, you can significantly expand your collection by visiting other countries. This gives you the chance to find antiques by artists and makers whom you wouldn’t normally come across, and can often lead to you getting a great bargain that you can take home to proudly display! There are a number of countries to visit where you can pick up quality antiques. We’ve summed up some of the greatest countries to guarantee you find something you’re looking for!

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Buying Antiques When Travelling
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Visiting the USA gives you a great opportunity to hunt down antiques that you wouldn’t normally find at home! There are such a vast number of antique collectors and dealers in America that generally you’ll be able to find absolutely anything that you desire, ranging from old coins and furniture to Sydney vintage watches. Before you fly out there, be sure to Google some antique dealers who are local to where you’re staying so you can get a good idea of what you’re likely to find! Also do some research around the kind of antiques you’re looking for, to make sure you pay the right price and get a good deal.
Buying Antiques in America
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A great and relatively unheard of way to pick up antiques is to go to storage auctions. These happen when storage providers put their lots up for sale if their customer stops paying rent. You often can find hidden treasures amongst these lots! However, it is a bit of a gamble, so if you’re looking for safer ways to find an antique, then stick to visiting a dealer instead.

If you visit Europe on holiday, you’re in for a treat when it comes to antiques! There’s a whole range of different cultures across Europe. Depending upon which country you’re visiting, you’ll be able to get many different styles of antiques. For example, if you visit countries such as Italy and France, you can find a range of antiques with amazing, interesting backgrounds. You can also find a lot of war memorabilia in these countries, particularly if you visit antique dealers who specialise in their dealings.
Antiques in Europe
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Antique fairs are also particularly common in these areas, so you’re bound to be able to find an antique at a good price, leaving both you and the seller happy! When visiting America, make sure you do some research regarding antiques from the area you’re visiting and find a local antique dealer. This may help you get some great local bargains. In Italy, France and Belgium, you can often find great antique furniture. But be prepared to pay high prices for shipping and taxes if you buy any. However, it is worth the price of import as you can take home a fabulous piece of furniture that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere in the world.

If you’re visiting Asia for your holidays, you’re in for a treat! Many countries in Asia, in particular India, you can buy antiques at extremely low prices if you visit markets. Here, they will sell a variety of different items ranging from jewellery to furniture so you’ll definitely find something you’re looking for. Make sure that you research the markets that are available before you go to ensure you’re definitely buying genuine antiques, and that you aren’t likely to be ripped off by the trader. Although it is easy to pick up bargain antiques at markets and bazaars, just be careful to ensure you are buying real antiques.
Buying Antiques in Asia
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This is because there are a number of copies and fakes floating around just waiting to be sold to a tourist who is not knowledgeable about these things. Always take caution when buying antiques abroad, particularly if buying jewellery that could have fake stones. If you’re buying diamonds, be sure to ask for a grade certificate, and be sensible before handing over your cash. Never feel pressured by a dealer or trader into buying an item that you don’t want to. More often than not, if they’re over-pushing the sale, then the item isn’t what you think it is!

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