5 Tips of Experimenting With Own T-shirt Designs

With increasing competition amongst jobs and its pay scales, many youngsters prefer working on side businesses that aid financial income in one way or the other. These may include designing and selling self-created T-shirts, fancy art objects, items to decorate living spaces etc. The whole concept of starting with own business has also become a lot easier due to the wider accessibility of target audience through online marketing and social forums.

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5 Tips of Experimenting With Own T-shirt Designs
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The marketing expenditure required is bare minimum and total outreach is unlimited with the advent of the internet. From the many products, one of the lowest percentages of risk, minimum investment required and highly in demand if a creative edge is given, the product is T-shirts. T-shirts are easy to sell off and target a wide age bracket. To create edgy t-shirts and sell off at profits, here are a few tips
that can be followed-
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1)  Research on current rising trends or topics- There is always something on the rise, may it be political, technological, social or personal level. To gauge the most popular and relevant issue of the time and then designing a T-shirts around it increases the probability of instant boom in sales and popularity through word of mouth. Usually people focus on quotations or pictures and get them printed, the issue with this kind of designing is it may be covered by copyrights and engage in an unwanted dispute or fine. Secondly, there will be no innovation or first time trendy catch to the design which may affect the sales tremendously.  

2)  Produce original artwork- The trend in art work T-shirts is all about being as original as possible. This leads to greater opportunities for T-shirt printers, as many huge companies are usually on the lookout for original artwork designs and getting lucky with large orders is the best thing that a small, home-based company can get. Words and illustrations are also well-known, but the market segmentation that requires art work T-shirts is greater according to market researchers who keep reporting rising and falling trends based on product demand.

3)  Focus on quality and then later on quantity- The quality of the T-shirt being designed is one of the prime factors that would lead to a strong client base that makes repeat purchases as well as word of mouth marketing, which is considered to be the best source of marketing. If one customer is satisfied, automatically the chances of generating more sales are created. The quality of the t-shirt design and production may come with appropriate time being invested on each t-shirt. Therefore, focus and invest sufficient time to produce quality results.
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4)  Review and Check final version before printing- To save on a substantial amount of cost associated with printing and then re-printing T-shirts due to poor quality of image, it is always wise to review the thumbnail version of the picture for any deficits. These may include the font size, colour combination and the visibility. If the font size is too small and difficult to apprehend it would be a no-no by clients, colours similarly tend to come out differently after printing as compared to on-screen results. And lastly, the visibility in day time and night time of the designing incorporated on the t-shirt is also an issue that should be seen in carefully. Through reviewing or sampling and then printing, the overall quality of the t-shirt along with its selling ability increases manifolds.

5)  Implement t-shirt designs on different categories- There is a wide range of t-shirt cuts and designs that come in. Many clients prefer specific necklines and designs over others. It is better to design on all kinds of variations so as to offer something or the other to potential clients. There are options in tour t-shirts, polo t-shirts, swag t-shirts etc. With the current trends the collections should offer the most popular and latest variations.

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