5 Asthma-Friendly Apps

With more and more people using smartphones these days, it seems like there’s an app for everything. Some, like Mint.com and Pandora, are useful or entertaining; others, like Tickle Me!, serve no purpose aside from making annoying noises. Asthma is no exception: there are hundreds of apps for learning about, treating, and tracking the condition, many of them coming with a price tag. To prevent you from getting stuck with the asthmatic equivalent of Tickle Me!, here are 5 of the most useful asthma apps on the market today for patients of all ages!

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AsthmaSense (free)  – Advertised as the world’s most intelligent asthma app, Asthmasense is designed to bring together everything you need to manage your asthma, potentially preventing asthma attacks. You can set reminders to take medications and peak flow measurements, record symptoms and triggers, and track your family members’ accounts online with a cloud storage system. To prevent emergencies, you can receive alerts when your asthma risk changes, or is not being well controlled (according to NIH guidelines).

AsthmaMD (free) – This app was designed by a medical doctor and researcher to help asthma patients manage their condition on their smartphone! Users can track their symptoms, medications, and triggers in an asthma journal, and view their cumulative results on a color graph chart, which can then be placed into your medical records.

Huff & Puff (free) – This free app is perfect for kids, and is filled to the brim with fun features, including animated videos, quizzes, an electric score card for said quizzes, and a fun puzzle game titled, appropriately, Tic Tac Blo. It was produced by Emmy Award-winning writers and animators, in conjunction with a pediatrician and medical television pioneer, making it one of the most impressive pediatric asthma apps available.

Yoga for Asthma ($2.99) – If you’re a yoga addict, then you’ll love this app, designed by a yoga expert! It provides a structured series of yoga poses which improve breathing and reduce stress, helping not only with asthma, but with bronchitis, emphysema, and congestion as well! As you become accustomed to the eight-pose sequence, you can change the difficulty levels, to optimize your sessions. HD graphics help you make sure you complete the poses correctly.

Asthma Journal Pro ($4.99) – The Asthma Journal pro may have a higher price point, but it makes up for it with tons of features, and is great for people who have trouble keeping a traditional asthma journal. It enables users to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire designed by doctors, containing everything from symptoms to peak flow measurements. You can view all your journals at a glance, and connect your phone to your Google Health account to chart and share your data with family, friends, and doctors. There’s even a news feed to keep you up to speed on all the latest asthma research, preventions, and treatments.

Gone are the days of having to bring along a traditional asthma journal, or relying on memory when communicating with doctors! With these apps, managing your asthma has never been easier.
Zoe Camp
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