Vuemix: A New Way To Watch Video

Vuemix is a revolutionary iOS app that changes the way video browsing is done. Vuemix uses 9 screens playing video simultaneously to set itself apart. Yes simultaneously. What this means is that a user can browse live playing videos to get a feel for what they want to watch. It is the death of the traditional thumbnail viewing. No longer is there guessing about what a video will be about. Now you can simply scroll over the video and watch the playing clip as it is fed into the app.

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Vuemix’s technology is unprecedented. The amount of video scraped from Internet sources is vast and rich. Vuemix takes all of the crawled video and ports it directly into the app. Once there it is instantly viewable for users in the tile fashion. These videos are organized into different sectioned tiles ranging from sports to travel.

Highlighted is some of the great travel, food and shopping options available on this app. Vuemix’s travel section is populated with intriguing videos from around the globe about different hot spot destinations from sources such as TripFilms, the Travel Channel, and more. It is easy to browse through and find important information about an intriguing travel spot. The food section also offers one of the most wide-ranging recipe sections you can find anywhere. New recipe videos are added daily to the vast archive of videos available. It is the perfect place to browse when looking for great ideas for your next meal.
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As far as shopping is concerned, Vuemix is many steps a head of everyone else. Aside from the video shopping sections available to users (which have over 30 different categories), Vuemix has one really special feature. In the opening screen Vuemix features 8 live shopping networks streamed right to your device. These channels include HSN, QVC and more.  Yes, these are actually live channels being fed right into your device. No signup, no overhead, just simply open the app and enjoy.
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Other impressive features on Vuemix include the ability to create mixes of your favorite videos, read trending news about a particular video and see trending twitter stories on the topics, as well as share videos via text messaging from the device and simple social sharing 

Television is still considered the top-flight medium for consuming video. Vuemix is the first alternative to this on an app level. The integration of live TV into the app is unprecedented. There’s no better way to consume video on a device than Vuemix.

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