The Weird And Wonderful Things You Didn't Know You Wanted To Do In And Around Northampton

If you are relocating to Northampton with your work then you might wonder what you are going to do with your free time. Is there anything you even want to do in and around the city? You might be surprised to find that there are more fun things to do in Northamptonshire than you had thought. The following are a few of the activities which you didn’t know you wanted to do but will once you read about them.

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The Weird And Wonderful Things Around Northampton
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Go to a Balloon Festival and Watch Some Balloons

If you have never spent time in Northampton then the chances are that the town’s annual Balloon Festival is something you have never heard much about. However, the 2013 version is the 24th in the history of this event and it is one of the highlights of the area’s calendar. It runs for three days and the sight of so many balloons over the town is sure to captivate you. This year there is even the intriguing promise of a “Balloon Glow”, although you will have to wait until August to find out what this is.

Trek with a Llama

Llamas are Andean animals with long necks and rather alluring eyelashes, aren’t they? If so, then what on Earth are they doing carrying people’s belongings on treks in and around the distinctly non-Andean setting of Northamptonshire? It doesn’t really matter, as you will enjoy a trip out with Catanger Llama Trekking even if you can’t work out what these animals are doing there.

Walk along the Treetops

Hang on a second, I remember once seeing images of a treetop walkway in the jungle in Costa Rica or Ecuador or somewhere but can you really do this around Northampton as well? Well, if you get yourself along to Salcey Forest you sure can. It is only a few miles out of town and there is a lot to do there, even if you go with a group of restless kids. As well as the outstanding Tree Top Way there is the option of horse riding and the rather bizarre sounding Tree Ninja attraction. I bet you are beginning to wonder what other weird stuff there is in and Northampton now that you have seen some of the attractions so far.

Find Some Treasure

Looking for hidden treasure is something else you didn’t know you wanted to do, isn’t it? Few people go to Northampton in search of treasure chests full of bounty these days but you can do exactly that. The Oundle Treasure Trail in Barnwell Country Park claims to give you the chance to find Jack Tar’s Inca gold. Even if you don’t find any of the yellow stuff this might at least go some way to explaining how the llamas got to the region. It is a fun trail which takes a couple of hours and leads you through some delightful scenery such as meadows and the river bank.

Make Yourself at Home

All of these slightly weird attractions can serve a very good purpose if you are relocating to work in Northampton; they will make you feel at home. It isn’t easy to move to a new town and start a new life, and if you have never been to Northampton you probably genuinely didn’t know that it offered all these fun things to do. A final piece of advice if you are planning to spend a lot of time in the town is to make yourself comfortable during your stay. If you are in a hotel you might feel as though you are just a visitor. On the other hand, if you stay with a friend or in serviced apartments in Northampton you will really feel as though you are living in the town.
Steven Capocci
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Steven Capocci is a relative newcomer to Northampton who was surprised to find so many exciting things to do in and round the town. By staying in serviced apartments in Northampton he settled in more quickly than expected.

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