The Big Move- Oh Boy

Moving is a huge step and a highly stressful endeavor for anyone, but toss in a significant other, kids, and some pets and that stress is quadrupled. In order to keep things organized and balanced, it is highly helpful to create a list of things that need to be done. There will be three categories: Plan, Move, and Settle. Each category has its own separate tasks so we will tackle one at a time.
The Big Move- Oh Boy
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Oh, the planning. Isn’t this the fun part? (cough, cough). When it comes to planning and organizing everything so it runs smoothly and without chaos, there are multiple steps to be followed:
1.      Identify a timeline. Work backwards from your destination end date to ensure no important steps are skipped or forgotten.
2.      Take a look at yourself (well, your lifestyle). Compare how you live now to how you plan to live in your new home, by considering such factors as schools, proximity to work, type of house, 
veterinary care, etc. you can determine which factors are requirements and which are luxuries.

3.      Budget. Enlist the professional help of a trusted real estate expert to set you on course for what your budget will be. This kick-starts the whole process.
4.      Mortgage. Research your current mortgage terms. Find out if it is portable and if yes, is it to another jurisdiction?
5.      New home. Arrange for renting, locating a new home, or buying beforehand in the new city.
6.      Get help. If you have children, put them to work. If not, hire additional hands to assist in packing, physically moving, and unpacking in the new home.
7.      Don’t forget the pets! Remember your first baby, your beloved hound? Ensure your pooch is prepared for the dramatic change as well and that he has all the resources to remain well-behaved (or at least tolerable).
So you’re all pre-planned out, but guess what, the move is upon you!
1.      Timing is everything. Make the timing count, ensure proper coordination has been arranged for all possessions, pets, and family pre and post move.
2.      Get professional help. Use a professional and book all necessary travel arrangements early to avoid mishaps and miscommunications.
Congratulations, you have reached your destination! Now, only to unpack…
1.      Celebrate! Unpack your belongings and get to know your new neighbourhood. Go for a leisurely stroll or take the kids out for ice cream.
2.      Don’t forget the pooch! Rex needs to settle into his new home too, make sure he is comfortable and has all resources readily available to him (food, water, bed, leash, access to doggy washroom facilities) to keep him safe and happy.
3.      Build your new life. Locate people such as doctors, vets, athletic teams, or churches- things that will be a part of your new life.
A drastic move is an incredibly daunting but exciting experience. Intense organization is the key to ensuring the process runs smoothly and without too many speed bumps. Relying on professionals is a great way to alleviate some of the stress a big change brings. For those who would like additional assistance, group Migrate ( specializes in relocating across a distance for home, family, and life changes.
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