Interesting Ideas for DIY New Flooring Using Paint

Whatever the type of flooring you have currently it does not matter, you don’t have to sweat over and hire professionals to cover it up with expensive tiles, carpet or timbre you very easily, on your own can redo it or give it a modern and fresh looking touch by adding in patterns. It’s as easy to paint over the floor as it’s to paint on walls or design online canvas prints, even if you are not an artist you simply just have to make a few strokes and for design there is the availability of a wide range of stencils. Here are a few ideas:

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Interesting Ideas for DIY New Flooring Using Paint
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· Gloss up Concrete
You can spice up your garage or get rid of an old worn out carpet by easily giving concrete floors a modernised look using paint! Make sure to thoroughly clean the floor and get rid of all debris and dirt after which you can simply give it a high gloss, ultra smooth finish to shine it up in a wonderful colour. If you want to get creative paint patterns or lines using different colours, intricate designs, geometric shapes and polka dots are other options. Don’t forget to give it a night to dry. 
DIY New Flooring Using Paint
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· Paint Over Vinyl Tiles
If your once gorgeous looking vinyl tiles are not so gorgeous anymore its nothing to sweat over. You don’t have to go through a lengthy process to get the tiles broken and replaced which will be highly expensive but you can simply paint over them on your own. You have to use specialised paint to work over vinyl tiles and flooring but you can go creative with that by creating a base colour and stencilling over. Bring out a room by stencilling a similar pattern on a wall or just by adding it as a canvas picture.

· Stencil and Stamp for Print
Using stencils and stamps you can easily add perfect looking pattern to your floor. There are many styles you can go for such as bordering up a large room or covering the entire floor with a certain pattern, you can simply add in an abstract design at a corner or in the middle of the room for something artistic and you can even have your pattern crawl up to some part of the wall! There are many designs available you can for a floral stencil to for the kitchen floor or geometric ones to cover up a living room. Make sure the colour of the pattern contrasts that of the floor so it stands out well making your efforts worth it. Latex paint is advisable to use for this while masking tape will help you keep pattern in place and not allow the paint to escape the pattern, you can also use stencil adhesive to make sure there is no movement while the paint dries overnight. 

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