Ibiza: Has The Party Gone Out Of The Party Island?

In 2012, more than six million tourists visited the most extreme island in the Mediterranean; most of them ravers and clubbers, descending on the many nightclubs of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. The party-island even holds the Guinness World Record for the largest nightclub in the world; Privilege Ibiza! which has the capacity to contain 10,000 hardcore, UV-painted, fist-pumping clubbers. It is no doubt, then, that some of the greatest names in house, rave and club music all graced the island last year. Globally renowned DJs and artists such as Carl Cox, David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia all attracted merrymakers in their thousands to the island’s non-stop clubs.

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Ibiza: Has The Party Gone Out Of The Party Island?
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However, it appears the theatrics of a DJ’s performance – the lasers, lighting, big screens – have become priority for many acts. Annual favourite, Deadmau5, has been known to focus more on his stage production, whilst a pre-recorded set of his tracks plays without any additional, live contribution.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, chart-topping DJ, Calvin Harris, stated how, ‘DJing is DJing. […] If you go to a club there is going to be a DJ there. So maybe you’re going to go to that club to see that DJ that makes your favourite music. Personally I’m not expecting that DJ to perform that music’. Correct! People do pay to see the DJs and acts like Deadmau5 aren’t trying to fool anybody by playing a pre-recording set of their own music, they’re simply just putting on a spectacle worth the ticket price.
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Although, in 2012, socialite Paris Hilton decided she wanted to try her hand at DJing in Brazil. Like many other DJs today, she stood behind a podium and a mixing desk, and a pre-recorded set of many artists tracks began to play. All the fading, affects and synth  had already been altered, so all she had to do was stand there, push some buttons, slide a few dials and twist a couple of knobs… And she still messed up! Seriously, go to YouTube and watch the video if you haven’t already seen it, just type, ‘Paris Hilton DJ FAIL’.

So how can some DJs get away with pre-recorded sets and some cannot? Firstly, as Calvin Harris stated, many people pay to see particular DJs and hear their particular music. Their fans know the time and effort they’ve placed into producing their tracks, and know they love them, so DJs place more time into production and being a showman to provide a value for money. Whereas DJs that have simply put a CD on of other peoples’ music and pretended to attack the mixing desk like they’re the music equivalent of Picasso, are not respected for doing so.

If DJs are bored with playing the same tracks every night, then they have lost their passion for music, and that will destroy the soul of both the clubbers, and the island itself. If people want to hear a list of tracks, they can just rent luxury villas in Ibiza, to stay in and pop in their headphones rather than go out. Ibiza is famed for being the party-island and clubbing capital of the world, and atmosphere is important to this. Integrity and respect may play a part of enjoying an act, but whether clubbers pay to hear one artist, or a mix, DJs must be able to gauge the live crowd and react to their emotion, to their soul and passion for music. DJs must engage with their crowds and feed off their reactions - leave the megamixing to Grease at the school disco.

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