How Islamic Fashion Is Making Its Way Through The West

A few decades ago, when walking down the streets of a major city or even a small town in the west, you would rarely see a woman dressed in modern Islamic clothing. However, as more and more people make their way through America, it becomes more diverse every day. Islamic women and fashion is completely accepted throughout the west,

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How Islamic Fashion Is Making Its Way Through The West
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along with many other cultures and religions. Being able to walk the streets of a city dressed as you would like with the freedom to speak your mind is something many people dream of and sometimes never even get to experience. Some people may be surprised at how Islamic culture is expanding and in fact the cultural and fashion expansion itself is making a historical statement.

The evolution of Islamic fashion is an important one on many levels. First, we have to consider the barriers that garments such as the burqa have previously created between Muslim women and society, and that today Muslim women are professionals, mothers, wives, friends, and more, all at once.  Secondly, we have to think about the role of women within Islam. For generations, Islam was criticized for being surpressive and disrespectful of women; modern Islamic clothing has changed many of these views.


America is known for its freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, and many other things to self-express yourself. Unlike in many other foreign countries you are not forbidden to wear nor say what you feel. Today, as the Islamic religion has become more and more popular and made its way to the west, so has the Islamic fashion industry.

Due to the freedom America offers, both Islamic women and men are able to be treated like any other civilian and maintain modern jobs.

Its Expansion

The Islamic culture and the fashion behind the Islam religion is extremely growing day by day. Not only is the culture expanding but also the fashion designers within Islam are beginning to make clothes that will better suit modern days and current fashion industries while still keeping and maintaining the requirements of the Islamic faith. Not only is the fashion and culture accepted, but also the religious aspect as more and more mosques are being built.
Islamic fashion
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The Fashion

As the Islamic religion becomes more popular the fashion within it is becoming a genre many people are becoming aware of. Islamic clothing has also been catching the eye of many fashion designers. In fact, some designers have taken it to their advantage.

Islamic fashion
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The design of Islamic garments such as a jilbab and hijabs have become a fashion trend in certain areas of the U.S. and now a variety of fabrics are being incorporated in new, unique, and stylish prints.

As the Islamic fashion has expanded through the west more shops and boutiques have become available across many cities. In fact there has been a rise in overall sales due to the leading online sales. Whether you are interested in the Islamic religion or simply fascinated by their clothes, you will begin to see a rise in boutique appearances.
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Aisha works under many celebrity publicists and is also a fashion consultant. Aisha's career began as a hobby. She once focused on designing her own personal jilbab and hijabs. She likes to go back to her Islamic roots for inspiration and guidance in her fashion career.

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