Five Ways To Look Even More Fabulous In Your Wedding Dress

Whether you’ve already chosen, or are still looking at wedding dresses, you can always use a couple of tips to improve your look before you put the dress on. While you already look fabulous in your dress, it’s your wedding and you want to drop jaws and turn heads, so remember to prepare. These tips apply no matter what your figure and no matter what your weight. You can look stunning in your wedding dress, and here is how.

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Five Ways To Look Even More Fabulous In Your Wedding Dress
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Add Shapewear

Did you know that shapewear is actually recommended to be worn under a wedding dress even if you don’t need to look thinner? A shape wear bodysuit should include thigh coverage in order to avoid a panty line, and should not cover the bust. Strapless and spaghetti strap options are also available so that you can choose a model based on your dress. What does shape wear do? It actually provides a basis for your dress to sit so that it stays smooth on your figure. The shape wear also helps to prevent chafing because if you sweat, it will not be on the material of the dress, but instead on underwear which is intended to absorb sweat so that you stay comfortable.

Take a Five Day Purification Diet

You don’t have to need to lose weight in order to benefit from this one because it mostly clears up your skin and makes sure you look fabulous. A purification diet includes not drinking soda, alcohol, and avoiding excess sugars. Typically you should just avoid anything that is bad for you and watch the magic with your skin happen. If you pair this diet with a lotion or cream applied after every shower and before you go to bed, your skin is guaranteed to be soft, smooth, and beautiful in time for your wedding.
Fabulous Wedding Dress
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Tone Your Arms

Most wedding dresses show off a lot of arm. If yours aren’t fabulous then you can spend a week or two toning your arms. Even a fifteen minute exercise per day can make a world of difference to how your arms look at the end of the week so you should try it out. Importantly this applies whether you are very slender or weigh a little more because in both cases, tone arms look better! Jumping jacks, weights, push-ups, swimming, tennis and even clapping your arms over your head can help to tone up your arms very quickly. For anyone trying to lose weight, jumping jacks are very effective as a cardio calorie burner, try doing 20 minutes per day to burn an estimated 200 calories per day.

Have Your Teeth Whitened

One of the biggest problems that most brides have with their wedding dress is that the dress makes their teeth look yellow. You can circumvent this problem by simply going in for a quick teeth whitening before the wedding. You can buy an at-home kit or go in to a clinic and still get great results. Typically you do not want to make your teeth extremely pearly white, just white enough that your smile looks fabulous with the dress.  Importantly you should also get the groom to do the same so that his teeth don’t look yellow next to yours.

Practice Walking on Heels

Chances are you plan on using heels for your wedding and you should practice in them if you want to look fabulous. Make sure you purchase a second pair of heels that are the same height or even the same model as the ones you plan on wearing to your wedding, and then wear them every day for at least a week. This breaks your feet in a little and ensures that you won’t have any trouble with standing up on your heels for the sometimes hours that a wedding requires.

If you can walk around in your heels without damaging them, try wearing your actual wedding heels because breaking the shoes in makes them more comfortable and makes it less likely that you will get blisters. Try wearing a pair of socks under your heels (unless you are wearing sandals) to help cushion the impact.
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