Five Reasons Why Limerick Is a Popular Hen Do Destination

Ireland’s first City of Culture, Limerick, has long been a popular tourist destination for what it has to offer its visitors. Since May, this city has also been one of the most preferred locations for hen parties and weekends. Anyone who has recently visited the city might notice the presence of those groups. After all, May is the start of the hen and stag season as a lot of folks choose to get married during summer.

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Five Reasons Why Limerick Is a Popular Hen Do Destination
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Now, why do hens choose to go to Limerick to celebrate their last night, day, or weekend of freedom? Here are five reasons why.

A City of Culture
One of the reasons why this city is frequented by a lot of tourists and hens was already mentioned above. As a City of Culture, hens that have an appreciation for Irish culture will definitely want to have their hen do in this city. Limerick is known for having the best venues for arts exhibits and performing arts. Hens that enjoy listening to classical music will have a wonderful time in this city. Those that enjoy watching plays, dance, and other musical performances will also find what they seek at the city’s arts center and concert venues.

Diverse Entertainment
In line with being a City of Culture, folks that visit this city can also look forward to other forms of entertainment that are not necessarily cultural in nature. A lot of internationally famous performers came from this Irish city.

Aside from classical music, visitors can choose to listen to live folk, jazz, and pop music acts in this city. The Cranberries, one of the most popular 90s bands came from this city. That’s not all, other musicians like Aphex Twin also came from this city as it continues to maintain an active music scene.
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Those that plan to enjoy a night out in this city might also prefer other sorts of entertainment. Limerick is the home of a lot of great standup comedians like Karl Spain, Jimmy Carr, D’Unbelievables, and The Rubberbandits.

Shopaholic’s Haven
This city is truly a haven for shopaholics as it is also famous for being a large shopping region in Ireland. Hens that wish to go shopping for their wedding or honeymoon can check out all of the shopping centers in the city to find what they seek.
If they wish, they can even hire a professional fashion consultant to help them out. There are ten shopping centers in this city. Two more are currently under construction.

Fun-Filled Activities
Hens that wish to enjoy other popular hen party activities can also get their fix in Limerick. Those that are staying for a weekend in the city can certainly add additional activities to enjoy like a life sketching, cocktail making, dance, makeup lesson during the day.

Naturally, once the sun sets, the group can enjoy their choice of evening entertainment. There are more fun-filled activities to enjoy in this city. The ones mentioned above are just the most popular ones.

The Nightlife
Limerick’s nightlife is reason enough for most hens to celebrate their last night of freedom in this city. The city does have more than enough nightlife establishments to provide folks with diverse entertainment.

Aside from entertainment, those that wish to enjoy a night out in this city can choose among various venues from more cozy pubs to cutting edge clubs. So, once they have chosen a particular form of entertainment for the evening, they can then choose the type of venue to enjoy that form of entertainment.

These are the five main reasons why Limerick is one of the most popular hen do destinations in Ireland. Other hens may have their own reasons for choosing to spend their last day, night, or weekend of freedom in this city, but those five reasons are enough for most hens to choose Limerick as their hen party location.

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