City Break Style- What To Pack?

Packing for a holiday can bring on a clothing dilemma. You know all the essentials that you cannot travel without, your passport, sun cream, plane tickets, but when it comes to what to wear, you can often over pack or take inappropriate clothing. Traveling light is good whether you’re escaping the country for a couple of days of jetting off for a week or two in the sun. You don’t need masses of clothes, as just a few key items that can be mix and matched for your daily holiday needs, packing light is great and remember, the less you pack, the more you can buy and take back!

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City Break Style- What To Pack?
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Most locations are welcoming to international styles but you may need to research country’s traditions and climate to help you avoid offending locals and help you dress comfortably.
  • Shorts- Unless spending day after day on the beach, don’t opt for short shorts. In a city, you may feel underdressed and in many countries exposing too much flesh can be insulting. Go for ones that are mid-thigh or end just above the knee for the most comfortable and stylish option.
  • Shirts- For any hot country, wear light clothing, sticking with natural fabrics is advisable such as cotton.
  • Raincoat- I don’t want to disappoint, but some hot countries are just as likely to see rain. A light waterproof mac that fits easily into your bag is a better solution than carrying an umbrella. A lightweight coat can provide an extra layer if the temperature suddenly drops and means that visiting attractions can continue ‘hands free’.
  • Dresses- Dresses are excellent holiday wear as they can be worn diversely, during the day or evening, easily dressed up with a change of accessories. Pick ones that can easily be worn over swimwear at the beach, but also dressed up in the evening- florals are always a good option.
  • Swimwear- ‘Splash out’ and wear whatever you want poolside (within reason). On European beaches, you will often find that less is more when it comes to beach fashion, don’t be alarmed by topless women and men’s speedos.
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Realistically you don’t need to take jewellery on holiday, but if you want to, slip a couple of items into your toiletry bag. There are, however, a couple of items that you shouldn’t travel without.
  • Shoes- Ever noticed how you walk a heck of a lot more when you’re on holiday? Don’t fool yourself by packing stilettos, instead, go for sensible footwear for the day, such as a leather sandal with a quality sole, and dress up with a party pump for an evening. If a heel is an essential for your holiday, be realistic and take a chunky pair or some wedges that are comfortable to wear well into the night.
  • Scarves- A lightweight scarf or pashmina can come in super handy whilst on holiday. Not only can it help you dress up in the evening, but when sightseeing, can help lower hemlines and cover exposed shoulders when entering religious buildings.
  • Bags- You’ve got your suitcase sorted, but what about your carryon? When it comes to travelling, your carryon and day bag needs to be practical on the beach, in the museum and on the plane. So, opting for a traditional style that works with any of your holiday outfits, leather satchels are ideal, as they are effortlessly fashionable and their compartments are great for staying organised whilst abroad.
  • Sunglasses- Don’t forget these! You only need one pair. It is worth investing in a quality pair rather than buying cheap, as they are more likely to survive accidents and will generally suit you better.
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Beth Stubbings works for The Leather Briefcase Company. She thinks that picking you holiday clothing wisely can not only make you a stylish traveller, but also helps avoid extra luggage costs.

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