Catch Your Date's Eye with These Tips

You see an extremely attractive person across the room. Your eyes meet with a warm smile. He approaches you and begins to talk to you. You form an instant chemistry and you hit it off well. He asks you out on a date. What can you do to prepare for your date with him? Follow these tips to catch his eye.

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Nips and Tucks

The first thing you should do is have any procedures done that you would like. Visit a clinic such as a Plastic Surgeon inWashington DC to discuss all of your treatment and payment options. You don't want to wait until you've already gone out with him to have alterations made to your physical appearance. It'll also give him something to talk about when you two first meet for the date. He'll notice an improved nose or less wrinkles around your eyes. 


Another easy way to catch your date's eye is to wear jewelry. You probably already own several pieces of fine jewelry that enhance your appearance. Be sure to match the jewelry to the specific outfit you'll be wearing for the evening. If you have the right skin type, try a red dress with gold earrings or even a gold bracelet. This is a combination that many women have found success with over the years. Another good combination is a blue dress with silver earrings or bracelets. You'll certainly find a good combination for your own body type. 

Hair Style

Go to a reputable hair stylist a few hours before you meet your date. You may be tempted to try something new that you've never had before, but that's not a good idea when you have a date soon. Go with a hair style that you're familiar with, but also one that you know will make you look sharp and beautiful. The hair is one thing the opposite sex notices first, and a nice new haircut will do wonders for your image on your first date. 


Finally, make sure to wear your best. This not only includes your attire, but also your shoes. Women love to shop for shoes, and one reason for that is that men love seeing women sporting quality footwear. Your shoes can make or break your entire outfit. Men love to see that a woman has gone to great lengths to look good for him. Make sure to try a small spray of quality perfume to complete your look. Pick a perfume that suits your age and style.

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