5 Flooring Trends To Look For In 2013

If you are considering renovating any part of your home, you should strongly consider upgrading your floors. The flooring is an important design element to your home, not just in function but also in form: the style of your floors is what helps to pull your entire interior design together. If you're in need of a few ideas, then check out following five floor trends currently popular among homeowners so far in 2013:

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5 Flooring Trends To Look For In 2013
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1. Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood floors tend to provide a very unique and warm feeling to the home. This is because reclaimed hardwood is wood that is reused from other sources, such as from other homes or even, in some cases, fences or barns. Because of this, reclaimed hardwood floors have a certain worn beauty to them that you won't get from other flooring materials. It provides the home with a cozier and more welcoming atmosphere as well. Additionally, because the wood is reclaimed, you would be using a more environmentally-friendly material. You're in essence recycling when you are using reclaimed wood, and by not using newer materials you are not participating in additional deforestation.

2. Bamboo

Speaking of eco-friendly flooring materials, bamboo is right up there with reclaimed hardwood. This is because bamboo does not come from trees. Bamboo is actually a grass, a grass that is easily found throughout the world. Additionally, bamboo grows at an extremely rapid pace, sometimes up to a few feet a day! This means that bamboo is a very easily renewable material. Bamboo also provides a gorgeous and unique look to the home and is often more durable and more affordable than many other flooring materials, including hardwood.

3. Brazilian Cherry

If you're looking for a flooring material that will provide a touch of elegance to your home, then Brazilian Cherry is a fantastic choice. Don't be fooled by the name, however, as Brazilian Cherry is not a Cherry wood at all. The name is just a marketing term to help gain popularity; its actual origin is from the Jatoba tree. It's also found in Mexico and Peru as opposed to Brazil. However, the wood boasts a gorgeous rich burgundy color that can provide a luxurious element to your home. Be sure to look for Forest Stewardship Council-certified Brazilian Cherry to ensure that you are using sustainable wood. Brazilian Cherry not certified by the FSC is often sourced from heavily logged Amazon areas.

4. Red Oak

Red Oak is very popular among homeowners due to its versatility and durability. It can be used throughout the home no matter what design you have, and works exceptionally well in high-traffic areas. The look is a big draw, due to the lighter tones that boast hints of red. It's also known for increasing the value of the home.

5. Cork

Cork was a popular material a few decades ago, and is now quickly making a comeback due to its sustainable and stylistic properties, not to mention its durability. Although cork comes from trees, the cork trees don't need to be cut down to harvest the wood. Instead, the cork material comes from the bark of these trees, which means that cork is a sustainable material. One of the benefits of cork is that even though it's incredibly durable, it's also quite soft – making it very comfortable to walk on, more so than many other materials. Cork also has a very unique texture and can be stained in any color, making it easy to fit any home design.

Consider using one of these excellent flooring materials for your home renovation. Want some more ideas? Take a look at this slideshow on HGTV's website.

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