3 Tips On Finding Long-Lost Friends Online

 Finding a long-lost friend is a great feeling. But the chances of you bumping into them on the street, or in the grocery store, is pretty slim. People move, get married, and you lose touch with them. It used to be very hard to find long-lost friends, but now with the internet it can be fairly easy. Here are some tips to find long-lost friends online.

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Online Friends
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Online Searches

The first step you can take is to do a search for their name. Google, Bing, and other search engines may be able to give you a starting point. Try searching just for their name first. If that doesn’t give you results, try searching their name with their last known location. Experiment with different combinations of their name to find who you’re looking for. For example if your friend is a woman, be sure to search for her by her maiden name. Use nicknames and full names when doing your searches.

Social Media

Facebook is a great tool to find long-lost friends. I found a lot of my old high school classmates after my class made a reunion page. Once you find one friend, check out their friend’s list to see if anyone you know is on it. You can also use LinkedIn to find long-lost friends. When you become contacts with a person, the site sends you other people out of their contacts you may know. You can also search for people by work history, education, and location.

Classmates.com is also an excellent social site to find long-lost friends. Once you register you can add schools and dates to find former classmates. You can also search Classmates.com for people you’ve lost touch with, and post queries to find people.

People Search Sites

There are several people search sites online. Some of them are free, and some of them charge a fee. Most of them will offer you a free trial for a specific amount of time. If you choose to use a people search site, be sure you know the details. Be aware that you may be signing up for a recurring monthly fee after your trial period is over.

The advantage of using a people search site is they can give you a lot of details and narrow down your results. For example if you search on Facebook for a friend with a common last name you will have to slog through many profiles to find the person you want. Even then you may not be sure it is the right person if many years have passed.

People search sites can give you the name, location, and contact information for long-lost friends if you find the right one. Read the details and know what you’re getting into, and find free sites that are truly free.

Finding long-lost friends online is much easier than searching for them offline. It will still take some time and effort, but once you reconnect with your friend, it will all be worth it. Try these tips and hopefully you can find your friends and reconnect.
About the Author:

Marion Walters has used free people search sites and social media to connect with long-lost friends. He shares these tips so you too can do people search for persons you’ve lost touch with.

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