Winged Jewelry Origin

A Tale of Warning, A Tale of Human Curiosity
There is a famous tale told in Greek mythology of a character called Icarus. Its sad tale has been interpreted as a warning to mankind not to be overly-ambitious but I find it kind of fascinating that this tale sheds some light on human-beings' obsession with flying. We live in a day and age when it is quite normal for human-beings to fly from one end of the world to another on airplanes and when one thinks about this it is quite incredible that human-beings have managed to achieve such incredible heights- pun intended.

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Winged Jewelry Origin
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Being particularly partial to nature-inspired jewelry, I can't help but notice that a great deal of jewelry in this category features animals with wings- butterflies, birds and a particular kind of bird-doves. I would like to explore each of these three types, their symbolism and what each one says about the person wearing it.

I think it is indisputable that the butterfly is the ultimate expression of transformation. This splendid creature goes through an incredible process whereby it transforms itself from a mere egg, to a caterpillar, pupa and finally a glorious butterfly. Such a tiny creature goes through such huge changes in the incredibly short time space of a month!

I believe that the butterfly provides deep lessons for human beings on how to live their lives- to embrace the changes that one's life and body goes through in the journey of life and to believe in the power of change.

Beige Butterfly Pendant by Adina Plastalina
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If the butterfly, a creature that is relatively low-down on the scale of living things can go through such incredible changes then surely we, as thinking, feeling human-beings can do so too! Don't be afraid to change, to accept changes with faith and to believe in the power of change- this is the message of the butterfly.

"Birds are a miracle. They are proof of finer, simpler states of being for which we may strive to obtain." - Doug Coupland. I think this wonderful quote by Doug Coupland says a lot when it comes to the subject of human-beings and their way of relating to birds. It is not by chance that human beings are almost envious of these simple beings that can simply spread out their wings and take lift, moving almost effortlessly from one place to another. Birds seem to evoke feelings of lightness, leaving bad times behind and closeness to eternity due to their proximity to the heavens that are oft-associated with the gods. For human-beings who often feel trapped by life's circumstances, birds represent freedom.

Over the centuries human-beings have misused their power and ruled over other human-beings. When such human-beings would lift their eyes heavenwards and see birds in the skies their deepest wish was to be as free as the birds. Slavery is much less common nowadays but I do believe that we are enslaved to other things- our work, technology and other material desires and birds remind us of the need to let go of these things once in a while and to taste real freedom.

Admittedly doves are part of the birds category but I couldn’t help but think that doves deserved their own category. Doves are fascinating birds that made their way into countless cultures and religions around the world due to their deep symbolism. Doves produce their own milk to feed their young and are thus associated with motherhood.
Turquoise Swallow Pendant
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This is also due to their being known for self-sacrificing for their offspring. Devotion, purity and peace are all associated with doves and it is therefore not surprising that the dove is a popular religious symbol. There is something about this white bird gliding through a blue sky that touches people deeply and makes it a real favorite of all the winged creatures.
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