What you need to know about waxing

Hair removal is one of the popular services in all beauty salons. Most women come to beauty salons for waxing services. Waxing is more common in summer; reason – due to extreme heat women wear short dresses. A waxed body is aesthetically appealing and gives a nice impression to others. However, most beauty experts recommend doing waxing all the year round. 

Continuous waxing thins the hair out. This fact does not have any scientific evidence; still many women who wax regularly all the year have experienced this. 

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Some women confuse waxing with shaving. They believe that both have the same effect and hence often opt for shaving at home. This idea is nothing but a myth. Waxing is very different from shaving. Waxing pulls each hair strand from the root. After waxing, it takes around 3-6 weeks for the hair to come back.
Note: if you notice excess hair re-growth after waxing, it means that the beauty professional is not doing waxing properly. It might be that the beauty professional is not using the right technique for hair removal. Remember that if proper technique is not applied in waxing, it can lead to hair breakage instead of hair removal. Thus, it is advisable to visit a reputable salon for good beauty services. 
How to choose a good beauty salon
There are a number of beauty salons present. Choosing the best among them can be a bit difficult. Here are few pointers you can consider to zero down upon a good beauty salon.
1. Check out the beauty services offered in the salon. Visit the salon and look at the different facilities offered there. Do not forget to look into the area where waxing is done. Check out the different tools used for waxing. Make sure that the waxing room is clean and all the tools are properly kept. 
2. Remember that The Health Department has set strict hygiene regulations for the salons that offer cosmetic treatments. Read them properly. Once you read these guidelines, it will be easy for you to choose a salon that meets those requirements.
3. In order to have a pleasing waxing experience, check the sanitation of the beauty salon. Do not hesitate to ask about the cleaning methods of the waxing tools. Other than cleaning, also enquire about the storage and replacement of waxing strips. 
4. Enquire about the qualification of the beauty professionals. Possible questions you can ask:
·         What degree they hold in beauty services?
·         Form which college have they acquired the degree?
·         How may years of experience they have in the beauty industry?

5. Ask for the existing clients of the waxing professional. Remember that all experienced waxing professionals have a long list of loyal customers. Once you interact with them, you can get a better idea of the quality of services offered.
Note: do not opt for a beauty professional who hesitates to refer her existing customers. 
6. Ask questions to the waxing professional like –
·         What vitamins are present in the wax?
·         In what direction is the wax strip pulled?
·         How often does waxing needs to be done?
·         Is there any complication in waxing?
Remember that an experienced waxing professional will quickly provide all key information to you.
Note: waxingservices in Canada is quite famous. If you live there, you can browse through different salons that specialise in hair removal.
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