Weird And Wonderful Ways Of Taking A Bath Across The Globe

For most people, taking a bath is synonymous with relaxation. Bubbles, maybe a novel and a glass of wine. Bliss. Yes for most people baths in nice warm water in a relaxing tub are a great way to unwind. However, from time to time water is simply not enough for some people. At some point someone thought, “hey I like drinking this glass, so why not try putting it in my bath!?”
Here then I explore just some of the weird and wacky ways in which people opt to take baths.

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Mud Baths

Tomato Soup or Ketchup? Nope A Tomato Bath

In Gyangju, South Korea and Bunol, Spain jumping into a huge rubber pool of tomatoes, or simply throwing them at eachother for a laugh in the latter case are significant parts of the regions annual tomato festival events. Whilst each of these examples is rather madcap, the idea of baths full of tomatoes has taken off as of late.

In Florida, tomato baths are proving quite popular as tomatoes are typically rich in vitamins good for the skin. There are also suggestions bathing in tomato juice is a way to get rid of the disgusting odour of a skunk spray if you have been unfortunate enough to be a victim of one!

Mud Baths

Lots of sauna and spas put the essence on mud baths, so whereas once upon a time bathing in mud would raise an eyebrow; we have become more accustomed to the idea these days.
Of course you can’t just use any old mud for a bath so it isn’t recommended to attempt a DIY mud bath, rather you need to go to an area where the mud bath occurs naturally, or a spa that actually provides such a service.

Various Booze Baths

A bath full of beer might seem ideal in a student’s flat, but wouldn’t immediately come to mind in regards to a healthy option. However, perhaps not unsurprisingly, you can rely on the Japanese to come up with an idea of developing baths full of beer in order to clean and moisturise the skin. You might think that is probably sufficient when it comes to alcohol, but oh no, the Japanese go even further by having sake baths and even red wine baths.


With a bath full of wine, an alternative featuring chocolate almost seems inevitable. Once again it is the Japanese, or more specifically Japanese women, who have jumped on the trend of having a bath in chocolate in order to wind down after a busy day at work.

Other weird and wonderful baths include ones using sand, crude oil, milk, and even curry – although I think most of us will skip the majority of them! Having looked at just a few of the more unusual ways in which to take a bath out there, I’m sure most people will be quite content with their lovely hot water filled bathtub, a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine, rather than the prospect of combining the lot together!
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