Top Designer Handbags: The Latest Trends

When it comes to top  handbag of those top designers, trends tend to come and go from one season to the next. Selecting the coolest handbags of the many brand names available to you may seem very hard and complicate, but, if you keep up with the latest trends, it is actually quite simple and easy. Do not have the time to keep up with the newest trends? That's absolutely fine. Instead, let this article help you out. Here, we will cover what seem to be the latest, most popular trends in to designer handbags. Then, armed with this information, you can go out and select your favorite for yourself from any designer.

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Top Designer Handbags: The Latest Trends
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Either Very Large or Very Small
It seems that the trend for size in top designer handbags this year is for them to either be very small, or to be very, very large. There are only a very few top designer handbags that are available in the medium size range. Because of this, you should consider what you need your handbag for. Larger handbags may be practical for the office, or daily use. Smaller handbags can be great if you are often on the go, or if you are going out. When it comes to larger handbags, look for totes, especially those in leather or with digital prints. For smaller handbags, clutches and minibags (or smaller versions of your favorite, regular size, top designer handbags) are all the rage. Look for clutches in leather, plastic, bright fabrics, or geometric prints.

Metallics and Bling
Metallic shades are a huge trend in not only top designer handbags, but in many areas of fashion this year. Look for leather or plastic purses that are metallic colored, and look like gold, silver, or pewter. These trends are especially popular when they seem cracked or distressed in some way. If you cannot find a metallic bag to fit your taste and style, match your shoes or oufits, or want something a bit less loud, opt for handbags with "bling" metallic accents. These can include large latches, chains for carrying or decoration, symbols that represent the brand of the designer, and studs. In this way, you can still take advantage of the metallic trend without having to carry a metallic colored bag. Just like neon colors, digital prints, and black and white styles, metallic looks are right up there, this year, in the hottest trends.

Neon and Bright Colors

Did we mention neon colors and digital prints, up above? Looks like we did! Needless to say, this trend is also taking over the world of top designer handbags. Look for handbags in all material, styles, and sizes that appear in neon or very bright colors. Some of the hottest colors this year include emeral green, blues, citrus hues, pinks, whites, and reds. If you can find a digital print of design that combines a few of these colors. Combine this look with the two guidelines up above, and you have got it made for the whole year!
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