Tips On How To Renovate Your Home Like A Top Hotel Interior Designer

After staying in a top notch hotel for a romantic getaway or holiday, many of us will come home with visions of grandeur as to ways in which to create such a glamorous home. Thankfully you won’t need to get in a team of top hotel interior designers to do the job if you follow my top tips in this blog.

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The Bathroom

While most hotels will have a bathroom similar to the one in your home, if you really want to create a look akin to something find in the Ritz or another top of the range hotel, you’ll want to take a few steps to give the bathroom that extra special feel.

Once again though you needn’t concern yourself with a team of hotel interior designers as actually many companies provide a number of luxury bathroom items these days that needn’t cost the earth.
Starting with the design itself, why not go for an entirely tiled approach. Not just small generic tiles that have been the main stay of bathrooms for years but nice big marble tiles. Of course the choice of décor is yours so pick what suits you, but when it comes to a hotel or luxury feel, you’ll definitely want to pick a nice freestanding bath, even better if it has freestanding taps as well.

Alternatively you might want to go with a wet room look, or at least consider the prospect of using frosted glass to divide the shower unit itself with the rest of the bathroom. You’ll want an overhead shower to go with the normal handheld unit and maybe even want a spa spray if you can afford that extra level of luxury.

Finally, throw in a number of matching accessories and products, in specially selected containers as opposed to the original packaging, some plush towels and maybe even a nice fluffy white dressing towel or kimono for an oriental vibe and the look is complete.

The Bedroom

For a number of hotel interior designers, the bedroom is probably the room which is most fun to design as you can be quite experimental or choose some really eye-catching designs. Following in their footsteps why should your designs be any less elaborate?

First off, pick up some nice quality bedsheets and a few extra pillows to start things off; one thing a luxury hotel room is never short of is pillows after all!

You will then want an accessory such as a nice elaborately designed chair or alternatively a bench to place at the foot of your bed for that top quality hotel feel.

Space is important in a hotel room so you will want to include plenty of storage options in any redesigns and on the whole you will want the room to be nice and light so go for colours which don’t overpower the rest of the room.

The Living Room

Finally, the living room. Simply put, think of bringing in a number of vintage accessories, knick knacks or antiques, thinking outside the box is the best way to give your living room that hotel feel.
To top it all off, why not try a chandelier for a truly luxurious feel?

So there you have it, a few tips on giving your home a hotel feel without having to recruit a top team of hotel interior designers.
Louisa Jenkins
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Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement guru. She offers advice on everything from giving your home a luxury hotel feel without having to bring in a team of hotel interior designers to what colours and shades are most suitable for each room.

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