Tips For Making Sure Your Modified Car Is Legal

Modifying your car so that you can truly customize it and make it your own can be a fun and creative process. This is why so many drivers, both young and old, enjoy getting into car modifications in order to make their cars stand out from the rest of the vehicles on the roads throughout the UK. But these drivers need to keep in mind that, while it may be all fun and games to modify a vehicle to their wants and needs, there are legal limits that have been set by the government. Therefore, not all car modifications are actually legal, and if you have a car that has been modified in a way that’s not deemed legal on the road, a police officer will stop you and you’ll be penalized for it.

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In order to avoid problems before they happen, you have to be sure that you modify your vehicle in a way that’s appropriate and that’s in keeping with the legal limits that have been set. These laws are in place to make sure that all vehicles on the road are safe and are not hazardous to other drivers. Those modifications that have been deemed too dangerous have been outlawed, and you need to be aware of what has been outlawed before you start drafting plans to modify your vehicle.

Before you start modifying your car, read through the list below to understand what’s legal and what’s not. Knowing this information ahead of time will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration in the long run because you won’t have to go back in and take out or alter any illegal modifications that you already spent your funds and time putting in place.

Tint Your Windows Properly

Tinted windows are great for added privacy and to keep the sun’s glare from obstructing your vision while you drive on sunny days. But there are legal limits that have been set that require you to keep the tint set at a point that won’t reduce your own safety as you drive. Heavily tinted windows throughout your car can reduce visibility, especially at night.

75% of light must be able to enter the front windshield. The windows in the front of the vehicle on the driver’s side and the passenger side must allow at least 70% of light in. You can tint all of the back windows as dark as you wish, but just be sure to follow the legal requirements for the front glass, as it will keep you safe.

The Right Exhaust

Avoid installing big bore or sports exhausts systems on your vehicle. These are meant to make the car sound louder than other vehicles on the road. While it isn’t illegal in the UK to sell these types of exhaust systems, it’s illegal to install them onto your vehicle, so do yourself a favour and avoid problems altogether by just sticking with the exhaust system that came standard on your vehicle. This is one illegal car modification that should simply be avoided.
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