Preparing For A Great Memorial Day Weekend

It seems like one day someone flipped a switch and suddenly winter was over. Now we're only a few short weeks away from Memorial Day weekend, the official kick-off of the summer season. Sure, it's not summer yet according to the calendar, but everyone agrees that Memorial Day weekend is a turning point. It's the day the pool gets opened, beers are cracked, and burgers get grilled. It's a fun time for all provided the weather is nice and you have a big spacious backyard. But pulling off an excellent Memorial Day weekend party takes some planning. You can't just haphazardly throw one together. If you really want to throw a Memorial Day weekend bash to remember, you're going to have to plan ahead and pick out some items that are a cut above the standard fair. Here are some tips for hosting a summer kick-off that your friends and family will never forget.

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The Beer
Yes, of course, remember to drink responsibly and all that. But, beer is a huge part of the Memorial Day weekend festivities. This year, say goodbye to Buds and Coors. Why not try out some delicious craft microbrews to go with your grilled meats? You might be saying to yourself, "Microbrews? Those are always so heavy and definitely not refreshing on a hot day." This is completely wrong! Check out Beer Advocate to see some reviews. There are plenty of light, crisp microbrews available that are just as refreshing as the commercial stuff while providing more quality and taste. If you want a jumping off point, check out something in the wheat beer category. These are typically the light, citrusy beers that are perfect for a hot day. If you've ever had a Blue Moon, you're familiar with the concept.

The Burgers
Like beer, there's a whole world out there of amazing burgers that need wider exposure. A classic ground beef cheeseburger with American cheese and tomato is always comforting, but why not switch it up this year. Grills make up the centerpiece of Memorial Day weekend. They are the method by which we make our food. Why not make some magic with your grill? First off, there's plenty of meat to choose from. If you want to stick to ground beef, try some grass fed organic varieties. Even if you're not particularly interested in organic foods, the taste of this meat is noticeably better. You can also try using buffalo meat, venison (if you can find some) or mixed meats that might have some veal and pork thrown in. Experiment with cheeses as well. Gruyere might be the best cheese for burgers that not enough people are using. Try it out for yourself this year. Gruyere and onions is a match made in heaven.

While you don't want to buy your supplies (the food in particular) too early, start checking out your local markets now. All of the typical Memorial Day weekend stuff is going to fly off the shelves and you don't want to be left empty handed. Get the beer now and get the food as close as possible to the day you're grilling without cutting it too close, causing you to miss out.
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