Making Your Jewelry Designs More Commercial

I know that many young designers will raise an eyebrow and some may even frown in contempt, but in order to be successful in today’s highly competitive online jewelry market you will need to transform your artistic preferences into eye catching and commercial designs.

A lot of designers that deal with sophisticated designs think that if they only wanted to, they could develop commercial jewelry designs and sell them by the thousands. But once you actually sit down and try to develop concepts that will sell well and not be too expensive you will discover that this task may be a lot more difficult than you’ve imagined.

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Making Your Jewelry Designs More Commercial
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Having a lot of experience with developing and selling popular jewelry, I’ll try to outline a few guidelines that will help you to develop simple, yet beautiful designs that will sell well.

Sketching your Initial Concepts
I always find it surprising that so many your designers do not use a proper sketchbook anymore. I don’t really don’t know where I’d be without my sketchbooks and I use basic conceptual sketches to develop virtually all my designs.

Although each designer will have his own preferable technique and artistic angle, I find that using basic shapes and clear cut lines helps me to develop better and more commercial designs. This is not to say that sophisticated ornamentation cannot be added later on, just that the heart of the design work should rely on simple shapes.

One of my favorite techniques is to go out into my garden and sketch shapes that I find in nature. The shape of a leaf, an insect or a stone can give me all the inspiration that I need in order to move forward and develop a complete design.

Defining your Target Audience
This is something that they teach you in any basic design course, but that few designers actually do when the time comes to move forward to the practical stage. It is essential to define, not only to what target audience your finished jewelry products will sell to, but also to develop concepts that will be easily found by them.

If you are just starting our, most chances are that you will need to use websites such as Ebay to sell your products. The designs that you will come up with will be effective only if you know in advance that people are looking for them. Beyond the fact that you will need to research the websites that you want to use in order to sell your products, I recommend to come up with design concepts that have more of a chance to be found in a regular search. To elaborate: a broken heart shaped gold necklace will have much more of a chance to be found than an abstract gold necklace simply because people are likely to use the first search term and are highly unlikely to search for the second one.

Adjusting your creative notions to the new world of search engine friendly popular jewelry products will help you to break through and achieve successful results.
Doron Heifetz
About the Author:

Doron Heifetz is an expert jeweler and the owner of the monogram necklace website.

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