How To Balance Between Essential Wear And Trendy Wear

When it comes to fashion, we are always of two minds if we should focus our purchase on essential wear or trendy wear. There are arguments to be made for both sides and there is a need for both types of clothing in our lives. Then again, no matter how well off you are in terms of money, you will still need to divide your budget between clothes that are essential and hence are limited in how much of a style they can project and clothes that are considered trendy but aren’t really practical for all occasions.

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How To Balance Between Essential Wear And Trendy Wear
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Every Day Clothing
Everyday clothing is another phrase used to describe essential clothing. This is the type of clothing that is designed for women to wear as part of their everyday life.

There are some simple properties that we expect from everyday clothing. The most important property has to be that the clothing should be comfortable to wear all day. Irrespective of whether you are a working woman at home or office, you will be doing a lot of movements from one place to another. Your clothing should allow you to do all these actions with plenty of ease.

Every day wear is bound to have some kind of effect on the overall colour of clothing. This is why, most every day wear clothing come in colours that are not too flashy. This way, over time, if the colour should fade, it won’t make you look like a sore spot among the crowd. The clothing material used should also be able to handle plenty of abuse because depending on your work activity, you may be putting a lot of stress on your clothes.

Special Event Clothing
Any clothing that you don’t wear on your workday or every day or an ordinary day, is what we would like to call trendy wear. We would like to think that you are not going to wear a specifically purchased dress unless it is a special occasion.

Trendy clothes are called so because they follow a trend, usually called as a fashion trend. Unlike the previously described work clothes, these clothes change every season. By extension, that pretty much means, practicality is not always a factor. In fact designers may go out of their way to put practical aspects of doing every day stuff completely out of the window with trendy clothes.
 Essential Wear
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That is why, you need to know if you can actually pull off this incredibly trendy outfit. That’s the way to look at any fashionable clothing. Does the cloth fit your style or can you change yourself to fit into style? Assuming that you have the right mental and physical attributes to blend in with the latest styles, you need to know where to find information about the latest trends in fashion.

Thanks to the kind of attention that women pay to fashion, there are no limits to the number of fashion publications, online and offline that you can read and more importantly see. This is not the only way to consume fashion related information. The best way to know about new fashion is to check online retailers who are known to get the best stuff as soon as it becomes available from designers. It also helps to simply take a walk down to the nearest shopping mall and see what people are wearing.

Despite all the technological advances that we get to enjoy, seeing first-hand what other people are wearing is still the best way to decide what you want to wear for the next hot party.

Kikoys Do Both
We talked about how you should get clothes that are practical for everyday wear and not so practical but looks amazing trendy clothes for special events. One clothing type that seems to have both of these traits is kikoy. Kikoys are a special type of handwoven fashion, that comes with an array of features that makes it unique, practical and with an unbeatable ability to scale up to special occasions as well.

Kikoys are designed for accessorizing and that is what makes them go from ordinary work clothes to amazing party wear in no time. The only challenge with kikoy clothing could be its availability. It is not that kikoy is not available at all. It is just that, it may not be available at your favourite fashion retail store. Luckily for all of us fashion mongers, there are several specialty stores, both physical and online, that sell kikoys exclusively. Many of these stores provide the most authentic shopping experience possible.

The author likes that he can opt for cheap summer clothes and still look great. He likes to wear kikoys on the beach.
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