Great Plants To Incorporate Into Your Home This Spring

Decorating our homes, maintaining them, and keeping them clean can take a lot of work. The initial shopping and selecting, the subsequent upkeep and never ending sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing can all add up to make home maintenance feel like a heavy load to carry. With all of the concerns these days about environmentally friendly habits and the related health impacts, there is even more to think about. How can anyone keep up with all of this? The answer may surprise you: get more houseplants!

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Great Plants To Incorporate Into Your Home
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We all know a good houseplant or two (or twenty!) can really brighten up a room, or even make it feel bigger. They are inexpensive and many require very little maintenance - just a watering here and there and almost nothing else - making them a great addition to any home decor. But did you know that there are a host of other benefits to keeping plants in your home? Below are just a few good reasons to head out to your local nursery and buy some plants.

You might remember from high school biology class that plants emit oxygen. You might also remember that incidentally - we breathe oxygen! That means that your plant is constantly adding to your breathable air supply. Every last cell in your body depends on oxygen to function; plants serve that oxygen on a silver platter.

Another often forgotten benefit of plants was also taught to us in that same high school science lecture. In addition to emitting oxygen, plants also remove from the air the toxic chemical of carbon dioxide that we breathe out. So not only does your plant make your air more oxygen filled, it makes it less saturated with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is converted into nutrients in the soil, making humans and plants the perfect roommates.
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Plants can remove other toxins, too. Aloe vera will absorb as much as 90% of formaldehyde from the air, making it the perfect lab room plant.

Beyond high school science, there are other health benefits to plants. Certain plants have been studied and connected to healing specific ailments. It can be hard to believe, but the science speaks for itself.
Cypress, boxwood, and Japanese Aucuba plants, for example, can reduce the effects of staph infections. Fragrant plants have been shown to alleviate fatigue and tiredness, relieve anxiety, and cure headaches. Geraniums can actually help insomniacs fall asleep and relieve migraines. Lemon leaves can even reduce blood pressure!
You may not believe it, but plants absorb sound too, making the room quieter. So if you have a drummer in the house or a snorer in your bedroom, put some plants in the room to lower the sound by as much as five decibels.

Are you intrigued by what houseplants can do for the health and wellbeing of your family? How could you not be? Do some research online for any specific challenges your household or its inhabitants are facing and you may just find that a well-placed plant is the answer you have been looking for. After you've done your research, head to the local nursery. Talk to the salesman and get some advice on the specific plant you are buying.

Make sure to note how much sunlight the designated rooms get and to find out how much watering and other maintenance the plant will need. What are you waiting for? There's no time like the present to add some life to your life!
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