Five Of The Best Beach Fashion Designers

Designing a bikini may sound simple, but in fact it is a huge billion pound industry with a range of companies and designers with myriad philosophies and ideas. Whatever your style the swimwear industry has grown to such an extent that you are bound to find a designer that suits you. For those looking to stand out on the beach this summer, here is a roundup of the swimwear pioneers to go to for on-trend designs.

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Five Of The Best Beach Fashion Designers
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Vix Swimwear
Vix Swimwear arrived on the scene in 1998 and since then has carved out a unique niche. For Vix, the key word is very much "sexy": the company specialises in women's swimsuits which combines allure with elegancy.

This designer's work tends towards the exotic, with unusual shapes of swimwear designed to better accentuate the figure of the wearer. Like all of the best designers, however, they also adapt to the changing times and evolving tastes in fashion.

Seafolly is an Australian brand whose roots go back to 1975. As its name suggests, this company's ethos tends more towards fun and cute designs, with swimsuits that evoke summers spent frolicking in the surf.

As well as its line of women's swimwear, Seafolly has a great set of designs when it comes to swimsuits for children - this is a company that does not neglect the younger denizens of our beaches.

Monica Wise's L*Space line is drawn from its founder's longstanding love of surfer and sunbather culture. These are designs which perfectly capture the bold and colourful vibe which comes with the sunny beaches of California and Florida.

In short, L*Space will cater to anybody who wants swimwear which not only emphasises cutting-edge fashion, but also a true appreciation for beach life.

Karla Colletto
The approach taken by Karla Colletto's swimwear differs noticeably from those of the above brands. When it comes to designing women's swimsuits, most designers will place an emphasis on exposed skin. Karla Colletto is different in specialising in more modest designs which showcase the form, not the skin.

As a result of this, the company's swimsuits have more room than most to use designs. Karla Colletto boasts a large number of patterns which range from the understated to the eye-catching, making them a great example of fashion in swimwear.

Finally, we come to Zimmermann, a company which is probably best thought of as an all-rounder. Like Karla Colletto, Zimmermann provides a good range of more modest, lavishly-patterned swimsuits. Like Vix, the company also offers plenty of sexy alternatives.

In short, if you are new to the world of swimwear, Zimmermann is a good place to start looking: this designer will have something for every taste.

As can be seen, each has their own approach to beachwear design and with such a choice, you can always look great on the beach. Whatever your style, understated or outlandish, the creative scope of the swimwear industry has something for everybody to enjoy.

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