Essential Things That Always Get Forgotten When Organising A Wedding

When it comes to organizing a wedding there's so much planning to do that you probably can't imagine forgetting anything but you will. There are always a number of seemingly insignificant little things that people assume will take care of themselves and therefore forget to organize. Here are a few of those things that you need to make arrangements for before the big day.

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Essential Things That Always Get Forgotten When Organising A Wedding
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1. Post wedding plans
This doesn't mean the reception and it doesn't mean the honeymoon - no one could forget those - but generally wedding celebrations tend to end pretty early so if you don't want the party to end at 11pm then make sure you have some arrangements for after. If some of you or some of your guests will be staying in a nearby hotel then you might want to head to the bar that's there but if you think you'll have had enough celebration for one day and you know that your guests will be heading into town or the hotel bar then it's probably a good idea to check in at a different hotel for the night.

2. Overnight bag
You'd be surprised how many brides - and grooms - remember to pack an overnight bag but forget to take it with them. If you'll be saying at a hotel overnight then an overnight bag is essential; if you can check in early and you have time then it's a good idea to drop it off before the ceremony, however this is unlikely to it's a good idea to give someone else the responsibility of dropping it off for you. If you have wedding guests staying in the same hotel as you then they should be pretty happy to drop it off when they take their own bags. If you're staying somewhere on your own though then - as long as you have the same wedding vehicle for the entire day and night - you should be able to put it safely in the boot until they drop you off at your final destination.
Organising A Wedding
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3. Taking things home after the reception
After the wedding reception you're likely to have collected a whole host of gifts mementos and left over food. Things like your guest book, cake topper and one of the centre pieces act as great reminders of your big day so it's a good idea to take them with you because you'll probably regret it otherwise. In order to get everything home safely you need to give someone the responsibility and make sure they know about it before the big day. If you plan on changing out of your wedding dress at some point during the celebrations then they'll be able to take that with them too because that's certainly not something that you want to get left behind.

4. Decorating
When you've spent so much time decorating the venue for your ceremony and your reception it's a shame to leave bits out. No one will be offended if you don't decorate the insignificant parts of the venue such as the bathrooms and the bar but when you've gone to so much effort why leave these areas out? If you do decide to decorate them then you don't need to spend a lot on the extra décor as a few candles throughout will do the trick.

5. Gifts
Although the day is all about you don't forget the gifts for your wedding party too. Anyone who has played a part in the organising of your wedding or the wedding itself should receive a gift so your parents, your in-laws, your bridesmaids, best man, flower girls and page boys should all receive a little something. If you're not really confident speaking in front of people you don't need to put on a big presentation just give the gifts out to each person discreetly throughout the reception.
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