Eight Great Storage Ideas To Save Space In Your Bathroom

Whether you are planning to decorate a small guest bathroom or a large master bath and dressing room, finding adequate storage is always a challenge. While it is important to make sure that everything stays neat, it is also essential to make sure that your personal care products, such as towels and soap, are stored in a location that is convenient to access. To get you started on organizing your bathroom, here are eight great storage ideas that will save space while fitting into any decorating scheme.
Storage Ideas To Save Space In Your Bathroom
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1. Custom Wall Cabinet:
If your bathroom does not have the right type of cabinets installed, or it lacks them completely, then you will want to consider creating a customized wall cabinet. By doing so, you will be able to create the exact amount of shelves you need to fit all of your products.

2. Add a Sink Skirt:
For bathrooms with a pedestal sink, there is an easy solution to creating more space. Simply sew up a sink skirt using some decorative fabric. Then, you can store your belongings behind the skirt for a no-show storage space.

3. Crate Shelves:
A current trend among bathroom decorating is the rustic look. If this is your style, then try painting a few crates in a complementary color. Then, hang them on the wall in a pretty pattern. This storage option puts your items on display, thereby making them easy for guests to locate. For bathrooms with a more modern look, try adding shallow boxes made from other materials such as brushed nickel.

4. Bathroom Vanity with Extra Storage:
Although shelves and sink skirts can help with minor storage problems, there are some times when you may need a better solution. For serious space-saving storage, consider installing a bathroom vanity that comes equipped with space for extra storage. Look for one with drawers and shelves that can be used to accommodate all of your beauty supplies.

5. Shelf Tower:
In a well-organized bathroom, even the smallest of spaces can be used to keep items tucked away. Shelf towers work great in corners and alongside the shower while allowing you to take advantage of your vertical space. For a decorative touch, roll up spare towels in different colors to place on each shelf, or you can add a knickknack or two between each shelf to change up the look.

6. Apothecary Jars:
Many common bathroom supplies can take on a whole new look when they are repackaged and put on display. Apothecary jars offer a see-through way to store cotton balls, q-tips and other grooming products. To add interest, try purchasing different sized jars and placing them together on a counter.

7. Stackable Baskets:
Another great way to use vertical space in your bathroom is to use stackable baskets. This is an ideal solution for storing spare towels, toilet paper and other bulky items. Children’s bath toys are also another type of item that can be contained within a pretty basket.

8. Peg Hangers:
Adding a rail of pegs can offer another option for hanging towels and robes. The best thing about this type of storage idea is that it can be added anywhere that you have horizontal space. Simply mount a rail with pegs and use it to hang hand towels, wash mitts and more.

Organizing a bathroom might be daunting at first; however, with the right storage materials, you can quickly transform any bathroom into a spa-like retreat without sacrificing your style. By installing features, such as a vanity, and adding a few simple touches, you can enjoy saving space while keeping your bathroom products conveniently nearby.
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