Dream Kitchen Appliances

Imagine how much work it would be to do all of the work in the kitchen by hand. All that chopping, stirring, kneading, slicing and dicing - it’s enough to scare anyone away from the kitchen for good! Fortunately, there are many appliances and machines that make cooking and preparing food so much easier. Here are some tip-top gadgets that will reduce your kitchen workload and take all of the effort out of even the most complicated of culinary adventures..
Dream Kitchen Appliances
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Sous Vide water oven
This is like the next generation of the humble crock pot. The sous vide water oven cooks food in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, immersed in temperature-controlled hot water. While most traditional cooking methods involve fire, such as roasting, baking or frying, the sous vide is a gentler method that preserves the food’s nutrients while also keeping food tender and flavourful. The sous vide method has been cited for not only better taste, but also health benefits, as well as the convenience of dropping a plastic bag of into hot water.

Full surface cook top
A full surface cook top turns your entire stove top into one hot surface, where you can cook in pots and pans of any size. Underneath a surface of glass ceramic there are micro-inductors spread out to heat the entire surface, which is controlled by a touch screen. This way, you can cook multiple dishes at one time in different shapes of containers.

Toaster oven
A countertop toaster oven is just what you need for quick cooking projects that require a few minutes of broiling. Instead of turning on your oven, use the smaller model to save energy limit clean-up. Some models even come with internal sensors that will determine cooking time and heat intensity. Besides toast, you can also cook delicious meals like paninis, roasted vegetables, baked egg dishes, broiled pork chops, and even homemade pizza. And all of these right on your countertop!

Espresso machine
Fancy a fancy cup of joe to fuel your morning commute? An espresso machine is just what you need to get your daily jolt with a touch of class. Most models come with separate compartments for beans and water, so all you have to do is push a button to get a delicious cup of espresso every morning. You can also add hot milk and have a DIY latte.

A dishwasher
Finally, where would we be without the glorious invention - the dishwasher. A dishwasher will minimise clean-up and leave you more time to plan your next culinary creation.

More Appliances
These are just a few of the kitchen appliances that can make your life easier. To find more, shop around online or visit your local kitchen shop to find other gadgets to suit your cooking style. You can also spend some time figuring out your cooking style and which items will help you cook more efficiently. No matter what, though, spending a little money now on the right kitchen appliance will save you hours of time and work later.
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Kenneth is a part-time chef and believes that it's worth investing money on luxury kitchen appliances.

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