Doorstep Security - Keeping Unwanted Callers From Your Home

Unwanted callers can not only be a nuisance but they could cost you time and money.  It can be annoying to be interrupted by uninvited callers and some could be canny salesmen or even criminals out to get a hold of your cash or valuables.

This is why it is a good idea to install doorstep security measures.  Devices like wireless intercoms can help you screen callers and ensure you don’t answer the door to anyone how might pose a threat to your home or finances.

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Keeping Unwanted Callers From Your Home
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Cold Callers

Door-to-door sales are big business.  These types of callers can be a big nuisance to home owners.  Salespeople can be tough to get rid of and can take advantage of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities they may spot.  They can employ clever sales tactics to bully you into buying things that in most cases you do not want or need.

Double-glazing salespeople and also charity representatives are two of the most common types of cold callers.  Double-glazing sellers will try and sell you new windows and doors to your property, even if you don’t really need them.  If you don’t buy on the day then some will try and get you to sign up for ‘free quotes’.  This can be just another opportunity for their sales departments to spend more time pressuring you into making sales.

Charity representatives do play an important role in bringing in more money for their organisation.  However they do cold call homeowners and play on their sympathies to try and get them to sign up to give money to their charity.  You may already support charities or have a very tight budget that does not enable you to give so generously.  This means that you could end up signing up for monthly payments to charities that you cannot really afford.

Even more dangerous are those criminal that use the disguise of being salespeople or charity representatives to gain access to your property.  They may try and get you to reveal your bank details or credit cards to sign up for fictitious products or services.  However once you have handed over these details they will take your money and disappear.  These criminals may also work in pairs.  Whilst one person is actively engaging you the other could be scouting out your property looking for cash and valuables.

Door Step Security

There are a number of ways you can increase your door step security and prevent unwanted callers.   This can help you feel safer in your own home and will help to avoid the stress of dealing with cold callers.  Here are just a few important ways to increase your door step security:
  • Be Prepared – stay in control of door step interactions by preparing in advance.  Decide what you are going to say to unwanted callers and then state this firmly and clearly and close the door.  Don’t worry that you may be rude, just be calm and assertive and don’t let cold callers engage you in conversation.  The more they get you talking, the more chance they have of pressuring you to invite them inside.
  • Know Your Callers – certain companies or utilities may need to call at your home as a matter of course.  For example your energy provider may need to read your meter periodically.  Put a list of legitimate callers and their numbers close to your door.  Then you will be able to check this against callers.  You can always keep them waiting whilst you phone the number and check they really are from the company if you are unsure.
  • Wireless Intercom Systems - these devices enable you to screen callers and find out more about them before you open the door.   This is an important security option and also gives you distance from callers.  It can be much easier to tell someone to go away across wireless intercoms than to their face.  Also with intercom systems your door will remain locked and secure whilst you are talking to callers.
About the Author:

Nick Thorping understands the nuisance and danger that cold callers can cause to unsuspecting homeowners.  He recommends installing wireless intercoms to allow you to verify callers before opening the door which will improve security and remove hassle.

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