Coconut Oil For The Hair

Coconut oil is considered one of the best remedies for your hair as it has the ability to solve all of your hair problems. The women in Polynesia used this oil for their skin as well as a hair treatment for centuries, and, as a result, they have healthy, silky hair. Though coconut oil can be used for many things, including as a cooking oil, the primary function of this oil is for hair care. One of the main properties of coconut oil is it remains stable at extreme heat, and you can use it as a conditioner for your hair by just melting it in your palm and applying to your hair.

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Coconut Oil For The Hair
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Why Coconut Oil
Coconut oil for hair is very popular all over the world but especially in the coastal areas where coconuts are produced. People use this to improve the health of their hair. The sweet-smelling coconut oil is used as a hair oil or hair tonic for centuries. It will keep your hair nourished, silky, and protected from the effects of increasing age. There are some useful components in coconut oil that make this oil very effective for hair care.

Lauric Acid
We lose hair because of the microbial action at the roots of the hair and scalp.  In order to avoid that microbial action, we need an effective anti-microbial agent, and the lauric acid is known as an effective anti-microbial agent. Lauric acid is available in coconut oil in sufficient quantities.

Capric Acid
Capric acid is also available in coconut oil, and it is considered an effective, anti-microbial agent. It produces monocaprin which is essential to protect your hair from the effects of aging.

Vitamin E
We all know the importance of vitamin E for hair protection. Vitamin E not only keeps your hair rejuvenated, but it also helpful in keeping the scalp healthy.

There are a number of fatty acids available in coconut oil that are considered an effective treatment for dandruff. The regular use of coconut oil can get rid of the dandruff problem, and you don’t need the expensive anti-dandruff shampoos.

Capacity to Retain Moisture
Coconut oil is also known for its capacity to retain moisture in the hair. As this oil remains stable for long periods; therefore, it retains moisture for a longer period of time. This is also helpful in preventing hair breakage.

A number of people use coconut oil as a styling oil for their hair. As this oil is more dense than other oils, you can easily use this to give style to your hair.

The benefits of coconut oil for the hair are countless, and to understand these benefits you just visit the coastal areas of Asia, and you will be surprised to see that people in their 70s have healthy, shining hair just because they applied pure, coconut oil since they are young. This will give you a better idea about the effectiveness of coconut oil for hair.
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