6 Ways To Secure Your Home From The Summer Heat

Those brutal summer months are approaching. This means a ton of things. First, the pool will be ready. Second, it's socially acceptable to have a margarita in your hand at all times. And third, your energy bills will sky rocket form the overuse of the air conditioner. Instead of succumbing to the summer heat, beat it! Here are 6 ways to secure your home from the heat wave that is sure to attack your home in the thick of July and August.

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Secure Your Home From The Summer Heat
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1. Outside shades

Sure, you can close the inside blinds to keep the heat out, but it sure doesn't feel like it does much. Instead, you can install some outdoor blinds, like shutters, to double block the sunshine from beating down on you while you're trying to watch TV.

2. Keep your home at a certain temperature

An air conditioner professional once told me that a house never gets below 74 degrees no matter how much you keep the air conditioner running. So if you turn it down to 72, you are essentially just racking up energy bills. Instead, keep your home at a cool 74 degrees and when you leave, turn it up to around 78 to make sure the electricity bill isn't sky rocketing during the months when it gets hotter than heck out there!

3. Fans, fans, and more fans

Never underestimate the power of a ceiling or floor fan. These did wonders for my college dorm days and they work just as well inside a house! If your room feels stuffy and too hot to handle, install a fan to keep the air moving. When the air is stagnant, it can feel as if it is suffocating you. Don't let that happen with a fan moving the air around all over your home!

4. A white roof

It sounds crazy, but painting your roof a white color can really help beat the heat! The rays from the sun will bounce off of your roof instead of beating down inside your home. If you can't afford to get it done professionally, get up on your roof and do it yourself! Unless you live in a huge mansion, it shouldn't be that hard to grab a paintbrush and swipe some white paint over the top of your home!

5. Install a security system

Opt for something like ADT or Smith Security to keep your home more energy efficient. This might sound weird, but tons of alarm companies have energy efficient packages. This means that you can virtually turn down the air conditioning with a wireless device. Keep an eye on your home and your energy bills! It's a win-win.

6. Save the cooking for outdoors

Don't go turning on the stove, oven, and microwave all at once. Get your spouse out to the grill to make some burgers or hot dogs and leave the easy stuff for inside. Cooking a ton indoors can leave your home smokey and way too hot. Instead, start cooking most of your meals outdoors so that your home stays nice and cool during those already hot summer months!
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