3 Ways To Practice Gun Safety In Your Home

The topic of guns is so taboo right now, I was even afraid to write this article. But the reality is, many people own guns and have them in their house. So if we are going to have them in our homes, they need to be kept safe and out of everyone's reach. I grew up with my dad always having his shotguns in the house - he was and still is - an avid bird hunter. We never had an incident, and now with the technology available, there is no excuse to keep your firearms safe. Now that I have two boys under five in our home with my husband's rifle and shotguns, this is a very real topic that needs to be addressed even in our home. Here are three ways to make sure your guns to not end up in the wrong hands or causing an accident.

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Practice Gun Safety In Your Home
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1. Use a gun safe. Everyone who owns a firearm should have a gun safe. There are many options to choose from, and you can purchase them from a local gun shop or online through Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, or any other major outdoor retailer. Depending on whether you own one pistol or many varieties of pistols and shotguns/rifles, they will range in price from about $100 to $2000 and up. Most gun safes are secured by a manual or digital access code, and only you and your spouse or one other gun safety-certified adult should know this code.

2. Have a monitored alarm system with possible video surveillance. With today's technology, there is no excuse to not protect yourself and your firearms. At the bare minimum, you should have a monitored alarm system to protect your home from intruders 24/7. To keep your guns that much safer, you should have an indoor camera installed that has an open view of your gun safe or gun storage area. Smith Monitoring is our monitoring company that has surveillance cameras that can be viewed at any time from our wireless device, so no matter where we are we can be assured our firearms and our family are kept safe. And if any gun ever goes missing, we will have video footage of who went in and took it out.

3. Teach your children gun safety from the beginning. Having two boys under five, this was a real concern for me. We have a rifle and a few shotguns in our home and garage. I grew up around guns and understood that they are meant to kill animals and birds for us to eat. So I knew I needed to teach this to our young boys. From the time our oldest boy could talk, any time my husband would get out his shotguns to clean them, we would talk about the gun.

If your children do not understand that guns can be deadly to people, you are doing them an injustice. They must be taught what they should be used for and how they can be misused. So we taught our boy from the beginning - we would ask, "What are guns for?" And he would respond, "To kill birds and deer."

We never let him point even pretend guns at people to practice all the time the danger guns pose to other people. As soon as they are old enough to take a hunter's safety course, we will enroll them to educate them on the correct way to handle guns and stay safe. I don't know if this was the best way to teach our boys about guns, but so far it has worked for us.

Gun safety is still extremely critical to owning firearms. I believe in our Constitution and our right to bear arms, but I also believe we must practice the utmost safety and instruct our children about guns and gun safety. Please comment below what you have done to teach your children about gun safety or what you have implemented in your home to practice gun safety.
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