Why Is Lanzarote Worth A Visit?

When considering which place you want to visit there are so many possible motivations. It may be that you simply want somewhere that can offer you extreme relaxation in pleasant weather conditions, or a location with masses of history and natural beauty. Some destinations manage to combine each of these elements and Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is a great example.

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From the moment you depart the airport in the capital of Arrecife you will begin to get a strong glimpse into the culture and history of Lanzarote as you see the architecture of the island’s most famous son Cesar Manrique dotted around. Lanzarote has much in common with the other Canary Islands but there are undoubtedly plenty of qualities and characteristics that set the place apart. For visitors who come from other nations it is a unique experience being part of this island and there is never a shortage of people who are willing to take the time to give you a history lesson. Here are just some of the things to enjoy about Lanzarote, with something to satisfy everyone.
The carnival atmosphere
It is true to suggest that Lanzarote does not quite share the same continuous lively vibe as its neighbour Tenerife but there are numerous occasions that are celebrated in style on the island. There are fiestas throughout the year and you can go to almost any area and enjoy the live music and festivities that are being held in the streets. It is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture to see the local people getting together in this way. At these events you can also sample the local food and drink while taking in the special atmosphere.

Unmatched sports and activities
In terms of the size of the island, there is no place that manages to beat Lanzarote for the huge amount of sporting activities that are on offer. The sports holiday destination Club La Santa in the north-west has been the training base for many top level athletes over the years and there are so many competitions to take part in, with varying levels of serious competitiveness. Examples of this are the world-famous Ironman triathlon, the Lanzarote Wine Run and Ocean Lava Lanzarote.

Volcanic landscape
When you visit a destination it can be very enlightening if you take the time to learn about the events that came together to shape the place you see today. Volcanoes devastated Lanzarote back in the 1700s and although they have been inactive since 1824 the landscape in certain areas still bears the effects very strongly. By visiting Timanfaya National Park you have the opportunity to take a trip through the history of Lanzarote and the tour guides will make sure you have all the information you could ever need.

Sun, sea and sand
A wonderful aspect of Lanzarote is the choice you have between exploring and educating yourself or simply lying back on the beach or around the pool. If you are looking for a simple holiday where you can relax and unwind then it is ideal for this too.

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