The Right Skin Care For Women Under Menopausal Stage

I didn’t notice that this line was here yesterday? You can easily relate with that line right? The hormonal shifts that happen during menopause can inflict disaster on your skin; from acne that you might have not experienced since teenage years to wrinkles that seemingly sprouted just overnight. Bring back balance to your skin with these tips from Dr. Eric Schweiger of Clear Clinic.

Probably, aside from puberty, menopause is the most challenging time for your skin. The opposing forces caused by nature, your skin is battling with both wrinkles and breakouts oftentimes leave you confused on what treatments and products you should use to look your best.

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Fine lines and wrinkle formations are at thier peak during menopausal period
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As you have hinted, hormonal swings play a big role in the changes of your skin. Testosterone surge can trigger acne breakout on the face, chest and back. Stress is also a major acne offender.

The same hormonal swings that caused skin issues way back your pre-teen years is culprit of the thinning of  dermis and the breakdown of your collagen and elastin making your skin more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Women who are nearing or currently in the menopausal age may noticed that their skin is dull, loose and lacks radiance. While other women experience hair thinning and more brittle nails.

It may seem hopeless for us women but do not lose hope as there are still ways we can do to restore the balance of our body and skin.

This seems to cure all the detrimental effects of our negligence. Women aged 35 and up need to exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. Exercise enhances body circulation making sure the oxygen are distributed to your tissues, aside that exercise will make you feel better and so your skin.

The foods you eat manifest in your body. Follow the food pyramid which recommends 30 percent carbohydrates intake while the rest must constitute fresh fruits and vegetables. Steam is a preferred mode of cooking as it retains most of the vitamins and minerals. Go for lean protein and healthy fats like Omega 3 and keep your salt consumption at bay.

The familiar wonder fluid comes into the scene once again. Sufficient water intake will flush the toxins out of your system and aid your skin and ward of acne. Acne doctors particularly recommend mineral water.

Skincare regimen for women in menopausal stage
What goes into our body is as important as what goes on our body as well. Age-appropriate skincare regimen is crucial the best reason to look for pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

During menopausal stage; women must exfoliate by using mild polish. Exfoliation has several benefits like removing dead, dry skin cells; increased collagen production and your skin feel invigorated due to the increased oxygen supply to the skin.

Appropriate cleansing gets rid skin impurities, dirt and debris that clog the pores. Over washing the skin will cause dryness and will prompt your skin to produce more oil.

Specific skin condition asks for particular treatment and it should be part of your skincare regimen. Make sure to look for antioxidant properties as it combat and protect skin from aging. Top antioxidants are retinoids, Vitamin C, resveratrol and green tea.

Menopausal period marks the drying of skin. This problem can be addressed with the help of appropriate moisturizer that will prevent water loss and help seal the moisture.

Never go out without applying sunscreen. We all know that sun’s harmful rays are the cause of skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles. The higher SPF the higher better skin protection it offers.
Menopause is complex issue for all women. It is recommended to ask for a dermatologist’s expert advice whenever undergoing a skin treatment.

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