Some People Have Strange Hobbies

Strange Hobbies 
Sometimes, being weird can be a good thing, and today, we’ll see why. Here’s a list of ten strange hobbies that have brought quite a bit of money or quite a bit of fun to those practicing them. Let’s get started!

Metal Detecting, Treasure Hunting, and Shipwreck Scavenging 
Most people have gone out metal detecting or treasure hunting as kids, and most people had no success when they did. That’s why people tend to see these as weird, fruitless hobbies. But in reality, people have found quite a bit of valuable stuff this way. Lucky metal detectors have stumbled upon old swords and historically significant artifacts in battlefields, and treasure hunters sometimes do have stunning success when using old family maps.
Some People Have Strange Hobbies
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Shipwreck scavenging is perhaps the most daring of this set of strange hobbies, but successful divers can often lay claim to impressive riches, such as pearls, gold, and silver found at the bottom of the sea.

Giving Away Money, Hunting in the Attic, Family Reunions 
Some people like to give away money. And not to charities, but to random people. One man, named Reed Sandridge, attracted attention in his hometown after he started to give $10 to a random person every day when he lost his job. Eventually, it became a hobby of his, that made his town something of a local oddity and him no less than a local celebrity. Equally strange is the fact that many people in the same town have gotten into the habit of rummaging through their attics, contacting family members, and rummaging through their attics, too.

Interestingly, this has led to the discovery of quite a few old family medals and medallions. After a quick medal valuation, these people sell their loot, and repeat the process – it’s an interesting and financially rewarding hobby that gave birth to at least one man’s insatiable desire to organize and run family reunions. He tries to get members of the family together in different parts of the country at least one a month – how’s that for a hobby?

Medal and Ring Collecting 
This isn’t too strange, but some people might find it useless. Still, people who collect medals and valuable rings often swear by the thrill they get when they acquire one for cheap or sell one at a big profit. These people make a hobby of hunting through their own belongings to find things to sell and cleverly playing the market to expand their collections.

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