Sleep Apnea And Your Health

Doctors have a great reason to encourage patients with sleep apnea to get it treated, and fast. Sleep apnea has been a widespread disorder for the past few years. It causes disruption and interruptions in the breathing patterns of people at night. It can disturb those around you because of increased snoring, but it does more than just affect your sleep patterns, it can contribute to obesity and even fatigue.

There are different methods to cure sleep apnea, one treatment is to wear a mask at night which can help open up the positive air pressure. This mask can significantly improve sleeping conditions and reduce sleep apnea habits however many people do not like wearing the mask and they find it harder to fall asleep.
Sleep Apnea And Your Health
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Recent research suggests that the mask can actually help reduce inflammation and it can benefit your overall health. Other studies have looked at the link between inflammation and sleep apnea. Infact there is recent research that shows there's a connection between the two. Sleep apnea is a risk factor for many chronic conditions like type two diabetes and even heart conditions such as heart disease.

It is still unclear whether sleep apnea will contribute to the development of this disorders or if it is vice versa for reducing inflammation in your body can't be the best way to treat all of these conditions.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of people. It is important to visit your dentist and doctor, in case you have it. Treating sleep apnea can open up your positive airway pressure and it will reduce inflammation in the body. This will help prevent many other diseases and it will help you feel better.

Other research shows that sleep apnea can be tied to an increased cancer risk. Recent studies show that people who do experience sleep apnea have irregular breathing patterns. They feel more fatigue and they have dangerous pauses in their breathing particularly at night these people also have a higher risk for cancer.

The study shows the first time that sleep apnea has been tied to cancer in humans. Over 28 million Americans have some type of sleep apnea, and many of them go undiagnosed. For doctors and dentists sleep apnea is on the top of the concerns on the list because when it goes undiagnosed it can lead to many other health problems.

When people sleep at night, it is a time to recharge but with people who experience sleep apnea it deprives their body of oxygen and it can encourage many other health problems like cardiovascular disease. It's important to check out with your doctor and dentist to see if you have sleep apnea.

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