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It’s Friday night again and you’re tired of spending them on your couch watching the Lifetime channel whilst wearing your Mom’s old pajamas. Your gal pals have been blowing up your phone all night begging you to come out to your local bar where there are sure to me lots of eligible men. Being single has taken a toll on your confidence and meeting men has become increasingly more difficult, but you haven’t given up yet.

Here are some tips on keeping that confidence going all the way to the bar.
First, get yourself dolled up and take a look in the mirror and inspect those freshly cut bangs and think, “Let’s do this.” Forage through your closet, and find that dress or outfit that makes you feel beautiful and amazing. Put on a little extra eyeliner and some red lipstick and give yourself a few more props for getting out of those jammies. Take one more look in the mirror before leaving, and give yourself another little head nod - you got this.
Best Side Bar Side
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When arriving at the bar scan the room quickly as you look for your friends. Make sure to walk with excellent posture, head held high, men are more likely to notice a woman who walks with confidence. Don’t be afraid to give some glances at any cuties you happen to spot. Once with your ladies, order yourself a nice drink to help get you loosened up and let the games begin.

After you’ve spent some time catching up with your girlfriends all the while discussing the prospects of the room, you can begin to devise a game plan. If you’ve had your eye on a particular guy who appears to be single (no wedding ring or girlfriend in sight) go ahead and make a move. Most women typically like for men to initiate something, but you could be waiting all night. Best way to impress a guy is to order him a drink. It’s successful for two reasons:
  1. If the guy isn’t interested or maybe he’s not exactly single, he’ll be able to safely give you a head nod and a thank you without any awkward conversation.
  2. If he is interested, he’ll surely be stoked that you made the first bold move and more than likely come talk to you.
There are a few other ways to break the ice when meeting a guy at a bar. Here are a few more suggestions to get the conversation started:
  1. Give him a challenge – if you are at a pub that has fun things such as darts, pool or pinball, challenge him to a game and suggest that the loser buys a round.
  2. Play up the cheese – try throwing him some really cheesy pick up lines. You’ve heard enough in your time from other men so why not turn the tables on him and play up your sense of humor.
  3. Sports anyone? – get his attention with some general sports knowledge. If there is a game on in the bar, strike up a conversation about the team, or better yet ask questions if you don’t have any sports IQ.
These are just a few pointers in how to meet a guy in a bar, without looking silly or foolish. The best rule of thumb is to simply be yourself, your usual amazing self. Stay genuine and honest and you’ll attract the same kind of guy. Good luck!

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