Hypnoanalysis - Finding The Root Of The Problem

Hypoanalysis is a one to one hypnosis session which aims to locate the root cause of a problem or symptom experienced by the client through formal and informal regression techniques.

Why do clients seek Hypnoanalysis?
Often clients seek Hypoanalysis in an aim to understand why they feel or act in a particular way that they do not understand.  Therapists often are asked questions such as “Why do I do this, What makes me act in this way”.  In some clients it is essential to them personally that they understand their feelings before they are able to overcome them, and for this Hypoanalysis can be very useful.
different patient issues.
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How does it work?
The aim to is bring the clients mind back through the use of hypnosis to the experience which has been stored in the unconscious mind in an attempt to reveal the root issue, and to give individuals clarity into their thoughts and feelings.  It can be very useful to understand the reason for a thought or feeling, and can be essential to the recovery of a client.  In addition, there may also be expressions of emotions at the time of locating the root cause and this release of emotions can be incredibly therapeutic.

Hypoanalysis is based on a cause and effect analogy, in other words, it is based on the belief that we think and feel certain emotions because of something in our past.  Hypnoanalysis is typically faster and more effective than psychoanalysis and results can often been seen within 2- 4 hours of the session rather than months or years.

The cause of a client’s discomfort is simply due to a ‘bottled up’ emotion, meaning that whatever happened to them in the past caused great distress and because the emotion couldn’t be expressed for one reason or another it was ‘bottled up’.  This meant as a consequence the client believed he or she had dealt with the problem by treating it as if it had never occurred in the first place.

What can be treated with Hypnoanalysis?
Hypnoanalysis is an incredibly versatile treatment method in that is can be used on so many different difficulties faced by a number of different clients.  Hypoanalysis can treat a number of different conditions from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, sexual problems, stuttering, tinnitus, childhood trauma and many more.

A very frequent question asked by clients before undergoing Hypnoanalysis is what hypnosis feels like.  Often a misconception of hypnosis is that you feel as if you have been asleep.  You are not asleep, and you are not ‘under’ anything.  When you are hypnotised you feel very very relaxed.  In fact, you already know what it feels like to be hypnotised every time you intensely watch television, day dream, get lost in a book etc These feelings are all very similar to hypnosis and therefore there is nothing to fear or feel worried about, and is something that should be tried by anyone struggling to deal with their feels or emotions.

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