How To Survive Without Sleep

Don't let the exhaustion of having your first baby take over. Babies are renowned to cause sleep deprivation and tiredness in new parents so it doesn't make a difference how much you are warned by people, nobody can really prepare you for the strenuous hard physical work you almost certainly will face. There are a few ways which can help you have a better and longer nights sleep whilst looking after your child in the best possible way. Every minute you remain asleep matters and so it is crucial you allow for as much rest as possible in order to store your energy.

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First things first, you need to try and get into a routine as quick as possible.  This will hopefully make the lack of sleep more bearable as you get used to it.

Another thing to do is to make sure that you and you husband or wife share the feeding. Even if the mum is breastfeeding, she can store it in the fridge in a bottle. For the men, there are no more excuses!

Make sure you go to bed early, you'll be completely exhausted to start with, so while you get used to the longer days and waking in the night, getting to sleep won't be an issue. If you read a book instead of watching telly before bed then this can help you get to sleep better and easier as it's tiring out your brain more!

Also, relaxing is an important thing to do before going to bed as you won't sleep if you are stressed and wound up. There are various different ways to relax before it's time for bed. Putting on some music is recommended as this allows you to turn your mind off and simply fall into the music. Soft and calming music is the most suitable style of easy listening before bed. Before you can sleep though, you need to relax your mind.

Why not write a diary and prepare a to-do list as this can help to get it all out of your mind so you won't have to concern yourself with forgetting anything important that needs to be done. A good way of chilling out is to run a hot bath and have a glass of hot milk or Horlicks before settling down and listening to those soft and calming melodies.

Your bedroom needs to become a sanctuary - ensuring it is quiet and dark is an absolute must. With too much light, your body would be fooled into thinking it was morning and you would find it a lot more difficult to sleep.

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