How To Design Your Own Custom Home Safe

If you want the best quality safe for your home with the highest amount of security – yet one that still offers convenience – you’ll want to consider designing your own custom safe.
Custom home safes to protect your valuables
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Popular customizations for safes include:
Customized safe interiors – if a normal safe won’t suffice to protect your valuables, higher protection level interiors can be chosen for a customized safe. These include E-rated (TL-15) safe doors with a steel thickness of 1.5” (three times the thickness of the base rating), and S-rated safe doors which combine .5" of ballistic armor with .25" of copper layered between another piece of .25" ballistic armor (which brings the vault door's total thickness to 1"). Non-standard interior protection levels are also available above and beyond the E-rated and S-rated protection levels.

Exact sizing of your safe to fit into a specific area – If you are interested in a wall safe, strategically place it somewhere in your home, to ensure quick and easy access for yourself and limited access to others. If you have an exact space and location in mind you can customize a safe to fit that precise area. This is especially useful in homes with lots of nooks and crannies, or if you would like to cover the safe or hide it behind something.

Custom paint jobs to match your home’s interior – Depending on the safe manufacturer, you can have your safe painted a wide variety of colors to match the interior of your home. There is even the option to have a wooden finish on your custom safe in order to match any cabinets or drawers in the area of your home where you will be installing it.

Custom configurations of safe locks – typically safes come with a dial lock, however if you need more security you can upgrade your custom safe to an electronic keypad lock, a key locking dial, a biometric safe lock or a time-lock. The electronic keypad lock comes with the same security rating as most mechanical dial locks, but it offers a faster access time via the push button entry method. A key locking dial gives the safe owner the option of locking the lock dial with a key at the center. Once the dial is locked, it won’t turn or function until the key is inserted back in again.

The biometric safe lock can be set up to operate on a code, a fingerprint, or both. Requiring a fingerprint makes it easier and more secure in one fell swoop – not complicated code to remember, and no one else can get in without your unique fingerprint (even if they obtain your code). Last but not least, the time-lock ensures that your safe is inaccessible for a defined amount of time set by any user. Once active, the time-lock will negate all entry attempts.

Integration of your safe with a home alarm system – activated either by a hidden button or an alternate unlock entry code, the silent signal alert feature is integrated directly with your home alarm system or automation system. In the case of the unfortunate event where a safe owner may be forced to open the safe against their will, the safe can be unlocked via the usual method, while simultaneously an undetectable signal is sent to the home’s monitoring system, which in turn sends a warning message to security authorities, alerting them of the robbery in progress.

Whether you want a floor safe, a wall safe, a free-standing burglary safe, a fire safe, a gun safe, or a jewelry safe, you can customize it to meet all of your specific home and security needs. Your custom luxury safe will be built to your exact requirements; and although it will cost a bit more for a custom model, the price difference is usually less than most customers expect.

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