Home Brewing Is Not Just About Economising

Many people feel that home brewing is primarily about saving money. Over the years there have been a number of books published which have reinforced this notion, instructing people how to brew favorite beers themselves. But the joy of home brewing isn't really about producing the same familiar ales for a cheaper price. It's about experimenting and creating new things.

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Home Brewing Is Not Just About Economising
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Most people start off brewing beer using a kit. This is a great way in because everything you need is all packaged up and all you need to do is carry out the brewing process. This approach lets you get to grips with the basics and you'll be delighted when the resultant brew is actually drinkable. However, after doing this a couple of times, people tend to broaden their horizons and become more ambitious.

The beer making process is relatively complex, but once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can't really go wrong. A particular beer might not turn out exactly as you anticipated, but it is still likely to be enjoyable. Many happy accidents have turned out to be better than what the brewer was actually aiming for.

The idea that someone would brew beer at home just to save money doesn't make a huge amount of sense because it is essentially a labour of love. If you can't really be bothered doing the job properly, you will end up with insipid or unpleasant beer and it isn't actually that hard to get your hands on very cheap commercial beer that fits that description.

One way in which you can make reasonable savings is by recreating some of the more exotic beers you might find in the shops. Again, they might not turn out exactly the same, but you can certainly explore strong Belgian trappist beers without paying through the nose for a range of different bottles. You can also try and create beers which are incredibly hard to find, such as traditional strong Indian pale ales.

If you brew purely to save money, you will doubtless give up on home brewing before too long. However, if you really enjoy what you do and look forward to the many possibilities that are opened up as you get better at producing beer, you stand to gain an enormous amount. This enthusiasm will keep you at it and keep you improving and you will gain ever-greater rewards. The fact that the beer will work out somewhat cheaper is an added bonus.
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