Happiness Hour Dating

For some the idea of a first date can be a bit nerve-racking. There is the pressure of meeting someone under intimate pretenses and the question of whether or not there will be a romantic connection. Add to that the awkward silences and maybe a few not so funny jokes and you have a recipe for a tiny disaster.

The biggest hurdles first time daters face is what to do on a first date. Well here is where luck can be on your side. When faced with this conundrum of what to do to impress a date, just keep it simple. Traditionally dinner and movie has been the way to go, but during movies there is very little time for getting to know each other and even more chances for awkward moments. Remember those times when you couldn’t decide whether to hold the person’s hand or not?
Happiness Hour Dating
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Instead of dreading the awkwardness of the first date, why not find a local pub or restaurant that has a fun and lively happy hour. You don’t need scientific evidence to believe that a few cocktails can be a great ice breaker and put both you and your date at ease, but you may not know that imbibing food and drinks with someone you just met actually begins the connections process.

Pubs and restaurants are taking happy hour to some pretty amazing levels these days, with some places offering food and cocktails at 50 to 60 percent off their regular prices. This means that you’re getting a whole lot more bang for your buck. And more so sharing small plates during happy hour times ensures that you aren’t overeating during your date. And it saves room for the extra cocktails.

Being able to sit down at a bar table with a new someone is a somewhat intimate affair, but it actually can take the pressure off of a more serious sit down dinner at a fancy restaurant. You don’t want or need the added stress of wondering who is going to pay for this expensive meal, or should we go Dutch - that sort of thing. And with the happy hour items being reasonably priced you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank on a first date.

Beyond that a happy hour environment is casual and light so if things start to go badly or the connection just isn’t there, it’s pretty easy to slip out early.

On the flip side, if the date is going well, and you’re thinking of keeping the cocktails coming, you have the option of exploring the pub or restaurant’s extended dinner menu a few hours later in perhaps a more intimate setting. A good rule of thumb with any first date is to not let the cocktails affect your judgment. Time and time again too many vodka martinis have turned otherwise responsible people into the couple making out like teenagers in the bar.

Just remember to keep it light, simple, casual and most of all fun! Besides, if it does work out you’re gonna want a good first date story to tell your friends.

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