Don't Let A Bad Photographer Ruin Your Wedding Day

It is no secret that planning a wedding is expensive business, with dresses to buy, cakes to order, venues to book, the list can sometimes feel endless for a bride already pushed to her limit.
Inevitably after weeks of window shopping and Googling to find the best offer, more often than not a second look is taken at your budget to see what cuts can be made to fit in this or order more of that.

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Wedding Day
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But Photographers can be so expensive…
If you are tempted however to ask a friend of the grooms to take your photographs as they fancy themselves as an amateur photographer you might want to think again.  Gambling the only tangible memories of your day on one of your guests isn’t advisable, as although it might seem like a great way of cutting costs, once your special day is over it is important that you have some lasting memories.  At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy with your wedding pictures, there is little to no chance to replace them, therefore it is important to try and get them right the first time.

Where to start when picking a photographer?
It is important to think about the style of photographs you like.  Some couples like the staged, perfected images, whereas others opt for natural, fluid images of the day.  Ask your photographer for examples of his or her work to get an idea of the photos they like to take.  This will give you some idea of the type of images you will get from your own wedding.

How do I know if that photographer is actually any good?
The next thing to do is to check that the photographer you like is actually good at their vocation.  A good indicator is their portfolio.  If they fail to provide one this is a big NO, make sure you can see examples of their work before going any further.  A good indicator of a great photographer is consistently good images from one wedding, taking note of the lighting, background settings and the focus of close up shots.

Additionally, it is important to check things such as whether the photographer is covered for professional indemnity insurance just in case something goes wrong with the camera or the film gets lost or damaged.  You should also make sure you have met your photographer in person.  Your wedding is a special day, therefore it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed with your photographer.

The best photographers will treat your day as a special event rather than just another job and will strive to capture perfectly the magic of your day.

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