An Introduction To Window Locks

What Is The Point Of Locking Something Made of Glass
Have you ever thought to yourself “what is the point of locking something made of glass.”
It’s a valid question; you may say the glass can only be as secure as the brick that can be thrown at it. Even double glazing is not what it was cracked up to be, admittedly having a vacuum between the two panes of glass certainly helps with a hammer attack, but any sharp implement and within seconds you are through the first pane and off course, the second is then even easier.

Look At Your Weak Points
Windows are normally the weak spot used to break into houses and there is noting easier than breaking a pane of glass and popping your hand through to open up a window. In some applications you may even be able to jimmy the window with a slip of flexible plastic and in no time at all you are in the house.
Window Locks
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Fitting window locks on all accessible windows is the standard in the UK when it comes to window security. ‘Accessible’ by it’s very definition is a window that requires no tools in which to access, if you have low lying roof and you can climb a small wall pop on to the roof and access the window then this window would be deemed accessible and must be secured.

It's All In The Definition
There is a whole host of window locks on the market, and in the UK the definition of a window lock for insurance purposes is a lock that requires a key in which to operate it. This key can be anything, it could be a screwdriver or an allen key, either way, locks for windows are simple in their design.

The basic principle of a window lock is that if someone did break the glass in the window then they still would not be able to get the window open, even if it is a big pane of glass, there would be a lot of noise smashing all the glass enough to get in. And then there is the chance that the burglar my get cut and that’s the last thing eh wants but to have his DNA at the crime scene.

So the best advice I can give is to lock ALL accessible windows. 

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